Machinarium for Android 75p at Google Play
Machinarium for Android 75p at Google Play

Machinarium for Android 75p at Google Play

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Great wee adventure game, go forth and purchase for 75 pence!


If you enjoy puzzle games, where you know all the clues are before you... but you need to piece them together, then you will love this!!

My other half hates the games I usual play (first person shooters), but this and Limbo are two games where we had a lot of fun playing them together.

So if the above sounds vaguely similar to yourself or your partner, then for 75p you can't go wrong.

Great spot praevalens!

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I really really enjoyed this game. It's put together so well. definitely worth 75p

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You can or could get Josef the robot as a soft toy. I got him for my son and it is cool.

Heat for the phrase "great wee adventure game"

beautiful game! cheap for what it is at full price.

One of the few games ive played start to finish on PS3. Loved it. Theres a real air of chilled outness about it.

I may have just made that phrase up...

Oh it's a great game, go on and get it people

Great game. Worth it even it was 10X the price! Its that impressive.

Bought, thanks, heat!

Thanks, looks like my kind of game, spent many hours on Myst, Zork Nemesis, The 7th Guest & The 11th Hour on my Windows 95 PC

amazing game,graphics,sounds etc etc well worth 75p

Fantastic game!

Some great deals on the play store today.
Cheers OP.

Played it on PS3 from PS+.
Even got all the trophies, Great game!

nice price

Just downloaded rayman, and Castle of illusion, might as well buy this seeing as you guys are raving about it. Heat op

Fantastic game.
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