Machinarium only $5 (£3.26) due to Pirate Amnesty
Machinarium only $5 (£3.26) due to Pirate Amnesty

Machinarium only $5 (£3.26) due to Pirate Amnesty

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Please buy this! It's a great game and the devs deserve the money for it!

"Everybody who downloaded our game illegally (for free) has now a chance to redeem himself and get the latest version of the game (Win+Mac+Linux) and it’s fantastic Soundtrack only for $5 (instead of $20)."

"We released the game DRM free which means it doesn’t include any anti-piracy protection, therefore the game doesn’t bother players with any serial codes or online authentication, but it’s also very easy to copy it. Our estimate from the feedback is that only 5-15% of Machinarium players actually paid for the game. If you decide to buy the game, you can be sure you’ll support directly the developers, not any big publisher or distributor."



Apart from it being "a game".... WTF is it? Link gives no details.

It's a point and click game, maybe this might help youtube.com/wat…BRs

Great game for a great price.


85 metacritic rating...damn good reviews across the board...

"Machinarium is independent puzzle / adventure game developed by the makers of popular web-games Samorost and Samorost2. A little robot who’s been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save his robot-girl friend."

Great little game. I bought the 'collectors edition' that included a CD soundtrack and a little walkthrough book and a poster. Very nice too!

The girlfriend and i loved playing the game together, it's very cute, and funny and some sweet sweet artwork!


Great little game. I bought the 'collectors edition' that included a CD … Great little game. I bought the 'collectors edition' that included a CD soundtrack and a little walkthrough book and a poster. Very nice too!The girlfriend and i loved playing the game together, it's very cute, and funny and some sweet sweet artwork!

Well summed up mate. And definitely a game that's lots of fun played with someone else, as you can have little discussions about possible solutions and stuff. Still fun on your own though

Superb deal.


This is a great little game, makes you smile.

heat added

Superb game. If you've downloaded the game and still won't buy it at this price, then you're a ****.

Great game, heat added.

Really is a 5 star game, amazing. Shame it never came to XBLA

Awesome, saw some youtube vids and looks like a load of fun

Nice. Thanks

heat added

If it's a pirate amnesty, why are they asking for your name, address and telephone number just to download it? That'll put pirates off buying it as they can't buy anonymously.

@montblanc (because the site won't let me edit) They'd either put in false details or still not buy it you fool :P
People in the comments say 'why would you pay $20 for a 2 hour adventure game made in Flash?' which is kind of a good point. I got it for 8 quid on disc, I'd never buy a download for £14.

ok, so you need to download it for free first to qualify
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I'll buy this when I get home as looks like a fun game. Thanks OP.

3.83 incl vat, and the windows download's around 346meg.

There's a demo of it on the website, so you can see if it's your sort of thing, and though I got stuck on the 2nd screen, at this price it's a bargain :-)

You can buy it/demo it through their website as I'd never heard of it before.



Great little game and for £3.26 its a bargain

Heat added (_;)

Comes to £3.83 with VAT. Still a good price though.

Been wanting to pick this up at a while, but its always been dear on steam.

Will it run on a laptop?

This game is TOP DRAW. If you haven't played it, it's a steal. Just buy it!


Will it run on a laptop?

Depends on the spec of the laptop. It's not exactly a demanding title so I'd be shocked if it didn't run on a machine bought in the last few years.

Had a quick go on the demo, then had to buy the game. Very charming.

If that youtube clip is anything to go by it isn't my kind of game but added some heat as it has to be worth £3.26 all day long.

why not it looks fun !

I'd say play the demo first.

Did make me buy it though. Damn youuuu.

superb value - hot? hotter than a furnace!

It's a quality game, highly recommended, such a shame so many people pirated it. No-one wants DRM, but this is what happens when something popular doesn't use it?

For those asking about spec requirements. It's a Flash game made into a desktop version for PC and Mac, so it has very low system requirements (and I think a quality toggle for low spec machines). Finger in the air guess it would run on any machine less than 3-4 years old without a struggle, you can try out the online demo to test this out.
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Get it even if you dont like it. These are the people you wanna be supporting.

Sadly if you make something that can be copied for free easily, that's the untimate Hot Deal and as proved here at least 90% of people who played it, pirated it. All you have to do is upload it somewhere and people will download it.

I'll try the demo, might get this for the price!

I d/l it on the side to see what it was like first, now have purchased as definitely worth it and think that people/developers who are this creative and don't load their software with loads of Anti piracy crap should be supported.

Rated Hot.

Cant wait to lessen to the sound track..

I was a bit worried about that link as I hadn't heard of that site before but after visiting machinarium.net/demo/ it seems to be legit so hot vote from me.
I hope I can get into point and click adventures again. Got quickly bored after trying the special edition of Monkey island.
It's worth supporting a small developer though

Just played the demo, what a game!!! Will buy for £3.26 to support these indie games companies who seem to produce the better and unique games out there.

Hardly hot if 90% of the people who have the game already spent nowt on it!

I love the magnanimous tone of some of the posts in this thread. I bet you all do a lot for charity, but don't like to talk about it! (_;)

Sad that the company have had to resort to trying to make the pirates feel guilty about downloading their game in an effort to get some money from them. Can't imagine that it'll be very successful tactic. They should have invested in anti-piracy measures instead.

beautifully designed and illustrated game!


Will it run on a laptop?

Just for info, I'm running it on a 7 year old AMD 1.8Ghz desktop with a 256MB Nvidia card and it runs OK.

Sadly the anti-piracy stuff doesn't work. It's all easily cracked (or at least it obviously seems to be) Chances are those who d/l'd it wouldn't have even heard of the game had they not gotten it illegally. I'd never heard of it and I'm an avid PC gamer

I've always said if it's cheap enough, and good enough, I'll but it.. so the demo will soon tell me that
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