Mackie’s Ice Cream £2.99 (BOGOF) @ Co-op
Mackie’s Ice Cream £2.99 (BOGOF) @ Co-op

Mackie’s Ice Cream £2.99 (BOGOF) @ Co-op

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Mackie’s Ice Cream £2.99 (BOGOF)

(Possibly at Somerfield as well)


This is the regular price ... is it not?

BTW Dude, if that is a pic of you :-) you probably should knock off ice-cream for a while.... I probably need to stop icecream too, but DAMN Mackie's is too good.

Mackies is 2 for £3 at Somerfield.

Mackies is the best ice cream for me.

dont waste your money the ice cream is shockingly bad and i mean bad!

nice! love this ice cream

The blandest ice cream in the freezers!

morrisons' selling 2litre for 2.79, so cold

the best,i like chocolate flavour

I made this.

Don't know what some of you are on about, Mackies is the best shop bought Vanilla!
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