Macusave 30's now £3.00 (RRP £8.49) at Chemist Direct.

Macusave 30's now £3.00 (RRP £8.49) at Chemist Direct.

Found 26th Apr 2018
Cheaper per capsule than the 90's pack (£16.99). Macusave is a nutritional supplement for the eyes. Claims to delay Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). There are discounts for other products (for example 25% off the Bioconcept range) but this is the one that is relevant to me. 4% cashback via quidco; 6% for new customers. Higher cashback for the Bioconcept range.
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Nice find. Thanks
Thanks. Placed an order.

Code DEL150 will give you delivery for £1.50 (under £40).
The first tablets for AMD actually were found to increase the risk of 7 types of cancer.The Macula runs out of lutein as you get older. The best natural sources are yellow pepper, and egg yolk. Instead of buying tablets, spend the money on a healthier diet, so add the blue fruits (plums, blueberries etc) and curly Kale and other veg. There is no proof that this will benefit you, but the liklihood is it will make you healthier overall and hopefully reduce your risk of AMD as well.
Google and amsler grid and check out your vision and if you notice distortion see an optician ASAP. they will refer you on the 2 week pathway. Most likely it will never happen, but if you get wet AMD you need urgent treatment.
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