MacX Video Converter (was supposed to be Win/Mac)

MacX Video Converter (was supposed to be Win/Mac)

Found 20th Jul 2017
Video converter, if you haven't bagged one already .....
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Note (from the licence key text file):

1. Please register the software prior to July 28, 2017, as you cannot do so after this date.

2. The giveaway copy can be used and kept indefinitely after successful unlock, but formatting/replacing the hard drive or reinstalling the operating system will invalidate the giveaway licence.

3. The giveaway version doesn't support any free upgrades.


Download OSX version, installed and works great. Thank you
Amazing find, thank you!
There is a link on the page to get the free download of the Windows version
They've been giving this software away free for years (at least 5). I guess they hope you'll buy something eventually.
i have installed this few years back but never got a chance to use
Heat added
Sorry, I expired this by mistake, & is giving no option to unexpire it.

Also managed to 'report it as spam', whilst trying to tell a mod to please unexpire.

Not having my best mouse-clicking day - apologies!
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