Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 4D Stereo Gaming Headset - £49.98 @ Dabs Outlet - eBay - Free Delivery!

Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 4D Stereo Gaming Headset - £49.98 @ Dabs Outlet - eBay - Free Delivery!

Found 4th Dec 2014
Seems like an absolute bargain to me. This headset is new, comes with free delivery, a 1 year warranty from Dabs and it is currently selling for £120 on Amazon with rather good reviews. It says limited quantity available but no idea how much that is. It's only Stereo but the '4D' effects will make it seem like it's sort of surround sound.

Some specs:
-4D Sound Powered by ViviTouch Technology
-Extra-large 50mm Drivers with Neodymium Magnets
-Tough Yet Lightweight Components
-Integrated Microphone
-Easy to Locate On-ear Controls
-Compatible with MP3 Players, Smartphones, and Portable Gaming Consoles
-Innovative GameSmart Technology

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Anybody have these?
I'm a sucker for new headphones but already have a pair of Sony gold 2.0, not sure it's worth the jump.
Heat for a good price.

I had the F.R.E.Q 7 for my PC which is the exact same design, it was just USB with 7.1 surround! unfortunately the mic didn't work out of the box so had to return them but I would have kept them as the sound was excellent and the build quality is rarely matched by other brands, these have a solid metal frame and most importantly solid metal ear cup brackets, you would have to go to town on them to break them!

I believe this model has a 4 pole connection so it could be inserted directly into a PS4 or Xbox One stereo adapter to get wireless sound. That's how I roll but I use steelseries Siberia's!

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I'm really tempted too. Can't say that I need them but I definitely feel like having a go with these.

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I'd also love to know why people are voting cold. Cheaper anywhere else?


Just ordered these, will report back on how they fair!


Just ordered these, will report back on how they fair!

Did you get them? How are they?

Great! The build quality is nice, they are a bit heavier than my previous set but then they are a bit bigger and substantial. I've not quite got used to where the on earpiece buttons are exactly located so end up pressing the wrong thing but that will change the more their used.

To be fair I've only used them a handful of times however they have good sound and I find they go over the ear completely (contrary to some reviews I read).

I use them for an online PC game where it's important to be able to hear people walking around you and its definitely worked well both times I've played.

When I first got them I was using them hooked up to my phone listening to the radio using the other cable. It's a nice feature but I'm not the type to be wearing a headset around in public so it probably won't get a lot of use like that.

Because they enclose the whole ear the bass is pretty good and it makes it hard to hear the wife/kids/dog which is sometimes also a bonus
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