Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightStick Alpha (PS4/PS3) £29.83 Delivered @

Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightStick Alpha (PS4/PS3) £29.83 Delivered @

Found 21st May 2017
Edit: Back in stock to order but expected to be despatched by 31 of May.

I guess this is the cheapest it has ever been. Currently £48.55 on Amazon UK and cannot see it anywhere cheaper. Lowest posted on HUKD is £34.99 by Mr. D-Band. Remember if you pay using Halifax Clarity in Euros you will certainly pay less than £29.83 advertised by Amazon.


The transition from standard gamepad to gratifying arcade stick can sometimes prove intimidating. But fear no more. Mad Catz cushioned the blow by creating the ideal introduction to an all-new level of control and precision. Arcade FightStick Alpha is a scrappy fighter sporting an ideal training weight. Alpha gives you a genuine feel for arcade battles, without the heft or customizable elements found within the world-renowned clan of Mad Catz Arcade FightSticks.


- Ultra-Compact Design
- Arcade Fight Stick Alpha maintains the tournament-quality look and feel, while remaining streamlined and portable 6-Button Arcade Layout
- Our Mad Catz Fight Stick boasts a Vewlix-style design with 6 action buttons to drain your enemy's life bar. Stay focused on the match with tight, core gaming controls Versatile Gamer
- This PlayStation 4 Fight Stick has a button enabling the joystick to emulate a left or right analog stick or D-Pad to unlock gameplay for other gaming genres Ideal for all Fighting Games
- Multiplayer action in Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Tekken, Persona, Dead or Alive, Injustice, Skull girls, BlazBlue, KoF, Marvel vs. Capcom Reliable USB Connectivity
- The world's best fighters prefer the assurance of a low-latency USB connection

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I wish Microsoft would let me use the Xbox 360 super ultra mega turbo fightstick I paid a million dollars for on the Xbox One!
Could be good for Tekken
That looks proper bobbins.
Love playing retro games using arcade sticks and this one looks a bargain.
Just gone out of stock as i tried to buy it.
I think I might of got the last one lol
Will be my secondary stick for the PC
oh well, didn't get a great review here
Be aware that Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy & closed down at the start of April.
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