Mad Catz Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Fight Pad £27.16 Delivered - pconestopshop
Mad Catz Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Fight Pad £27.16 Delivered - pconestopshop

Mad Catz Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Fight Pad £27.16 Delivered - pconestopshop

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Perfect for those people having trouble with the 360 D-Pad

* Enlarged circular 8-way floating D-Pad
* 6-button layout with additional multi-speed Turbo functionality
* Rubber grips for improved handling
* 3-way switch enables D-Pad to also function as left or right analog stick
* Integrated headset port for use with Xbox LIVE


postage charges are HIGH

yes and you cannot chose your favourite character. could up up with ehonda or something instead of chun li
havent voted.

+£5.99 for 5-7 day postage!

These are extremely rare though (had a quick google), might be worth it regardless of the design you get. My brother uses the d-pad on the xbox and I use the analogue, I wonder if I could ever *go-back* to 2D controls....

This would work for PC too, right? I vaguely recall reading something along those lines.

are these wireless?

nope wired only

Dodgy website? Nota'about us' and crashing every other page...

You ned to edit the post, these are not £21.16 Delivered

Should I checkout now?



Should I checkout now?

Might be worth checking the PnP first to see if it increases with weight or quantity :thumbsup:

I dont think they are a dodgy site, but i do think they lie about their stock levels on certain items. I tried to order the SFIV FightStick from them a while back when it was "In Stock" and much cheaper than everywhere else. After constant pestering on the phone, they admitted they didnt have them, and weren't even sure if they ever will.


Theses mad catz pads are horrible to use..they may be endorsed by MS but I prefer the original pads.

Check it out...


I don't think a wired controller for Street Fighter is very wise. You can easily knock or nudge your Xbox 360 whilst playing and end up with a scratched disc that is unreadable.

these are the best pads to get for this, excellent thumb controller etc

Just got an email from them stating they're on back order...:?

This site took my order, took my money and then emailed to say they were unavailable & on backorder. I waited several days then I had to proactivley call them to get a refund! AND the number listed on the website does not work any more, you have to call an 0870 number!

The pads STILL show in stock now as well!

Beware of this company!!

This company are indeed terrible. I too placed an order for these and all I have had so far is an e-mail saying they are on back order but should be dispatched within 3-4days - that was 9 days ago. I have emailed them twice on all 3 email address they have and I have heard nothing. Their phone number is wrong and is an 0845 number as stated by starsi. I have failed to get through to anyone and have left a message asking for a refund.

Starsi - have you now had your refund? Which option did you select on the phone to speak to someone? Wouldn't EVER deal with this company again, just want my refund now.
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