Mad Dog McCree (Wii) £9.99 + Free Delivery @ Gamestation

Mad Dog McCree (Wii) £9.99 + Free Delivery @ Gamestation

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Found 19th Nov 2009
The live action, six-shooting, Wild West adventures of Mad Dog McCree are blazing their way to your Wii. Take on the role of the Bounty Hunter in this collection of all three classic arcade shooters: Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold, and The Last Bounty Hunter. Bring your own brand of justice to the ruthless evil plaguing the Wild West, once and for all.

* The first live action shooter on the Wii
* Great value: Play any of three classic games on one Wii disc
* Use your Wii Remote as your virtual six-shooter to take down outlaws coming at you from all angles. Test your mettle in any of three difficulty modes: Deputy, Sheriff, or U.S Marshall
* Track down the infamous Mad Dog McCree, or the four most wanted fugitives: Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco, and Cactus Kid
* Play any of two multiplayer modes: Posse Mode lets you work together as a posse of up to 4 bounty hunters on the trail of Mad Dog McCree, the four outlaws, and all of their henchmen for a combined high score. Rebel Mode lets you work independently with up to 4 bounty hunters on the trail of Mad Dog McCree, the four outlaws, and all of their henchmen for individual high scores and only one winner
* Test your reflexes in nail-biting Showdowns. An old fashioned draw pits you against one villain; whose gun is faster?
* Wii Zapper support


I saw this title in-store at Asda yesterday afternoon in a "2 for £25" offer with a few other Wii titles.

Was almost tempted then... even more tempted now.

GameStation is going to be really busy despatching parcels later today....

Heat added.



For those that remember the originals, this isn't a bad price.

A bit clunky by modern standards, but y'know... it is what it is. It was quite fun on the Phillips CDi, and for a tenner will provide some amusement at the very least.

If you're looking for something genuinely involving, then avoid it like the plague

Metacritic score of 36/100.............

Love the IGN review:

There’s something enjoyable about playing something as awful as Mad Dog McCree. These rigid lightgun games are satisfyingly terrible. But make no mistake: they are bad. Oh, they are bad indeed. But priced right at $20 for all three bad, bad games.

..............ouch! :w00t:

A truely crap game and not worth the money. Better off putting the £9.99 towards something more worthwhile

It was bad on the PC decades ago, Get conflict instead it will be far better investment. See previous offer yesterday. £9.99.

I'm going to slightly disagree with the above

If you are big fan of light gun games, then this is well worth a punt for £10 IMHO

I bought it for a friend and in two player it is a great laugh (if only for the awful acting) and apparently can get quite challenging later on.

Would agree that if you are looking for better put together single player shooting game, then Umbrella Chronicles or House Of The Dead Overkill may suit better thou.

Jumped to £17.99 now. But after reading previous posts might give it a miss!
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