Mad Max includes Ripper DLC (PS4) - £17.95 - The Game Collection

Mad Max includes Ripper DLC (PS4) - £17.95 - The Game Collection

Found 17th Mar 2016
Descend into the post-apocalypic wasteland of Mad Max, where ammo is sparse and the key to survival is the possession of a car. Take control of Mad Max and stay alive amongst the savage gangs of bandits who roam the desolate desert. Use vicious on-ground and vehicular combat to ensure your own survival.

Following the theft of his iconic Interceptor, Max must align himself with a gifted, but peculiar, mechanic named Chumbucket and others to build the ultimate war vehicle as he works to escape from the dangerous Wasteland.

this is better deal as BASE, because it includes Includes Ripper DLC
+ you get +180 Reward Points

and also good game.
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Couldn't get into this game at all,found the controls a bit too weird for me.
just seen the film, so getting this. looks like a Mad Max version or Shadow of Mordor to me.
Good game once you put the work in. I found the initial levels the most dull.

Also the Ripper DLC is pretty pointless, just a decoration.

Heat added.
Didn't like this at all bought it last week and trading it in this Friday for Fallout 4.
Good price though..
I actually really, really enjoyed this game. The initial couple hours are a little dull and uninteresting but once things get going in the story and you've upgraded your car and Max's abilities, it really is excellent.

Challenging, very fun and took me 60+ hours to finish most of it (I ended up with around 80% of the achievements), I would highly recommend this. Especially for less than £18.
Love this game. 25 hours in and still loads to do.
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