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Posted 30 August 2022

Mad Max Xbox One Series X Official Store Digital Download £2.99 at Xbox Store

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Looks a decent game with 73 Metacritic review and typically good reviews on the store. Had decided to by it myself (after a previous deal for ~£2 expired) and found it was only £2.99 on sales (for another 13 days) in the official Xbox Store. I personally have no issues with VPN but if you find VPNs/code redemption challenging, this is a hassle-free purchase.

Here's a review of the game:

N.B. I think the online functionality ceased Oct 2020 - so treat as a single player game.

Welcome comments from anybody that already has it!
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    If you haven’t played this game, give it a shot, awesome and for the money no regrets.
    Definitely. One of the best game's I've played this past year. Might even play it through again
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    certainly worth this price! pretty good game..
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    Amazing game, loads of fun! 1000g achievement score on this 👏
    Its' a shame you can't 1000G this any more since some of the scrap challenges are imposssible since the servers were shut down.
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    This was already a bargain but with the hdr and frame rate boost on xbox (120 fps on series x I think) it's a steal
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    Echo the above. If you haven’t played it and have even a small interest in open world action games give this a go. It really is a good game and at £3 I’d say it’s an amazing game.
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    Making my way through the Mad Max films in 4K, had this in my library for years. From the comments I think I should give it a go (edited)
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    Amazing game that was sadly overlooked as it was released on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V. Great open world with innovative vehicular combat.
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    An overlooked gem, but completionists beware: it's no longer possible to get all achievements/platinum for this game.

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    Loved this game, but that last boss fight was a let down not much of a ending, but at £2:99 definitely worth a play
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    One of my favourite games!!
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    £2.99!!! If you haven't played this game you'll be shocked when you do!!! Absolutely brilliant, played it on PS4 but not long started playing it on PC, massive game! Amazing graphics, very good fighting dynamics! 👌👌👌
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    Great game
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    Great game, bit of a sleeper hit.
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    For that price it would be rude not to

    Cheers OP
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    Anonymous User
    So sad i have this game on ps but for some reason it has lock icon anyone know how I can unlock it ? Both profiles have PSN
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    Wonder will this get a series S patch as I bought it for this price last time on the sale but haven't played it yet
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    In my mind I'm thinking it's gonna be like Rage?
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    Anonymous User
    How do I unlock my game I have this on PlayStation but it has locked icon
    Boooooooo were Xbox here 🤪 🤪
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    120fps on the X