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Nissan Qashqai SUV 2wd 1.5 dCi 115 Acenta Premium 5Dr Manual £240.67 month + fees - Total £6136 / at Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 12 h, 5 m agoFound 12 h, 5 m ago
£240.67 incl VAT monthly rental £240.67 incl VAT initial rental Contract term 24 months Rental profile 1 + 23 Annual mileage 8000 Processing fee £360.00 Total £6136 List price is… Read more
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Lol no wonder you think its slow, youve got more bph than a golf R


As I said... it's a rental, well complimentary while mine is in the garage. Albeit a recall. My own vehicle is 4WD straight 6 cyclinder twin turbo with 330bhp and could circumnavigate the snow-is during last year's blizzards in December and early spring better than the Tuscon.


It's a 1.6 petrol... don't think it even has a turbo.


Perhaps you’re not the demographic. Nobody is pretending these are quick. They are spacious, comfortable and being only 2WD not significantly more expensive to run/maintain than a hatchback i.e. they are ideal for families. If you want that and pace you’ll have to stump up for a Q7/Touareg/• Land Rover A 4WD is entirely unnecessary for the vast majority of the nation; extra tyre wear, extra fuel and extra maintenance.


You sure its not just the engine youve chosen? They are heavy so you will need a decent amount of HP / PSI / Torque. Mines fwd n isnt slow.

SEAT Leon Hatch 1.5 TSI EVO 130 SE 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] 24 months - £4678.90 @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
No initial rental premium just £179.95 per month for 24 months plus £360 lease fee. 10000 miles per year so it doesn’t need to spend its life on your drive. Metalic paint (All colo… Read more
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ST3 Fiestas were available at 17k when new with discount. It is the discount that was available when new that affected the resale price rather than the new model. I bought my Fiesta ST3 for £16250 new in late 2014 and sold it 10 months later for £13900


Hmm, from memory I paid 22k at the time, sold for just over 12k actually so a little better than half, but I believe list was more than the 22k..


interest charge for £13k would be £400 (roughly) over 2 years... you should get around 9K for it by that point, which still makes it cheaper (roughly). Still, that said, both deals represent good value, it just depends if you want to keep the car longer than 2 years...


Cold. Wife's fr in white with reverse sensors £171 8k


Halved from list price or from the discounted price that they were available for?

Mercedes-Benz C200 AMG Line Saloon Auto £269 10k miles p.a Lease 24 months £8999.66 Inc £360 admin @ Mad sheep leasing
LocalLocalFound 16th JanFound 16th Jan
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If you can afford the payments and you like the car then i wouldn't worry too much. There are people on here who make you feel you have committed the world's worst crime by going PCP or lease. Life is too short !


Thanks. I should have done it within the 14 days period. Will remember that in the future.


Probably but I doubt it's worth your while. 7% is a killer you will be paying a fortune in interest. It's at this level where pcps become unpleasant. What you can do is look up your original paper work and give them a call. Ask them what you would have to pay at this stage to close the agreement. Then work out if that is worth while or not.


I'm already 2nd year out of 4 year pcp for my car. Currently I'm with dealer finance at 7%, can I still pay off the car with a lower interest loan now?


I had a 2011 C220 from with the 7 speed gearbox, it was very smooth. Then I moved onto lexus cars for a few years, and now I'm back with C250d late 2017 which has the 9 speed gearbox. It's good box especially in sport+ mode. Even just driving around in eco mode it's a good box. Maybe as someone else has said, you need to get used to it.

Mercedes-Benz A Class AMG A35 Hatch 4MATIC 2.0 306 5Dr SpdS DCT INCLUDES 3X FREE SERVICES 8000 milage - £9921.37 total @ Mad sheep leasing
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
£259.19 p/m - £3600 initial rental - £360 processing fee - Seat Comfort Package Sports Seats with Integrated Head Restraints KEYLESS-GO Starting Function Adaptive Brake Assist wi… Read more
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Where there's a will there's a way, trust me.


No once they put the range boosters one by the car and one by your house they are gone in 30 seconds same as any other keyless car


Not on this it won’t, you literally need to be within a foot of the car for the doors to be opened.


And this working out to how much?


I'm on the look out for something similar but at around £415 per month over the term, don't see this as a particularly good deal

Nissan Qashqai 3 year lease - 25K miles per year £303.79 x 36 months £360 admin fee Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
Just had a look at no deposit leading deals and found this. Seems a good price considering you can do 75,000 miles during the 3 years. £303.79 x 36 months £360 admin fee 25,000 … Read more
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Deals come and go, there have been fiat 500's, smarf for two and a skoda yeti and a vw up for prices ranging from £80 to £150 odd and deposits from a negligible amount (a few hundred) and upwards


Yeah I get what you mean but turbo lag isn't what it was in older models modern cars don't suffer that much, my Astra doesn't hang about at all (excited)


Yes you could be right, but if I had a family I would have got rid of it in the beginning as it was that much of a issue. Also, if you get the tekna spec, the LED highlights blind everyone - expect to get flashed at loads!


Turbo lag. Until that turbo spools up it's just a normal underpowered 1.2 petrol with no torque. I'd imagine it has the potential to be quite scary at junctions.


It just sounds that you had a dodgy one.. 115bhp and 10.6 0-60 time is pretty average so there should be no problems with roundabouts.

Jaguar XF Portfolio 250 BHP Sportbrake Auto £199 P/M inc VAT @ Mad Sheep (£7345.30 inc fees)
Found 22nd Aug 2018Found 22nd Aug 2018
Jaguar XF Portfolio 250 BHP Sportbrake Auto £199 P/M inc VAT @ Mad Sheep (£7345.30 inc fees)
Just had a mailer from Mad Sheep for this. We're looking for 2x new cars for the business but the pricing is the same for Business and Personal Contract Hire. Cracking price for … Read more

Nope, but we've had vehicles from them for our business and personal vehicles along with Gateway 2 Lease amongst others. I don't think you understand how leasing works if you're surprised about special offer cars going quickly, this is how the industry works but these Jag XFs were factory order so you could spec how you liked. We've been let down on an Audi A6 in the past with one broker when LEX pulled the deal altogether. Where do they advertise personal pricing plus VAT?


How it works? Do you get your deposit back at the end of the contract?


How is it misleading, these companies are strictly governed and all costs are advertised on the deals? I put down far more than a "12+" initial rental 6 years ago on a car. It's nothing new.


just looked at this and Madsheep are not cheaper than that other deal advertised , and why do Madsheep offer a 12+ deal !! next it will be 15+ !! (devil) bit missleading


there is still a broker or two that has the offer still :-)

BMW 5 Series 520 Saloon 2.0 i 184 M Sport 4Dr Auto 2-Year Lease 8000 Miles £9336  @
Found 8th May 2018Found 8th May 2018
BMW 5 Series 520 Saloon 2.0 i 184 M Sport 4Dr Auto 2-Year Lease 8000 Miles £9336 @
Never personally purchased a lease car, but as my car is on it's final knees and not worth the repairs, was hoping to finally take the leap into the leasing world as I can see the … Read more

Using a single quote of some old oil baron as your personal finance mantra probably isn't the wisest of ideas.


Does this have the new BMW stop/stop system?


Whilst the name calling is unnecessary, thats exactly the point - the lease / PCP market on new cars provides loads of good low mileage 2-3 year old cars down the line. The leasing nay-sayers forget they need that top tier of purchases above them in order that they get their "bargain" cars down the line. If people want to lease and the figures stack up for them, then great. Doesnt make them wrong and anyone else right..


+1 If you buy a new car at £30,000 drive it for two years and sell it for £20,000 you've nothing to show for your £10,000 loss either.


Do Lex operate this deal and is this deal @ £1 per mile? No to both. Point disproven and no more to discuss.

Jaguar XE R-Sport Saloon Auto - £221.34 inc VAT per month @ Mad Sheep Leasing (£7442.88 inc fees)
Found 19th Apr 2018Found 19th Apr 2018
I've used Mad Sheep for various cars for our business in the past and had no complaints. Just got a mailer saying that this is a 48 hour deal (not sure what that means entirely bu… Read more

We are due delivery on Thursday. We were one of the lucky ones to get the Alltrack deal. It has now gone back and VW were fab to deal with. This one is Lexautolease and I have heard some bad reviews about them. Any real life experience with Lex?


Anyone taken delivery yet?


Of course and will make the leasor liable.


Cant the dealer track it?


He'll apply a "correction"

Nissan juke visia 1.6 36 month lease 1+ 35 £164.24pm - £6272.64 @ mad-sheep
Found 16th Feb 2018Found 16th Feb 2018
Nissan juke visia 1.6 36 month lease 1+ 35 £164.24pm - £6272.64 @ mad-sheep
1+35 @ £164.24*36 + admin £360 = £6272.64. Warranty and breakdown cover included. A good non high deposit deal. 8000 miles per year. 24000 overall.
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But you took two and a half weeks to be offended! Lighten up dear - read the thread and you'll realise there are a lot of lighthearted comments about this car. One of the mildest car threads I've read on here - you should see the ones which get really 'blokey'. Anyway, if you are serious then I apologise.


Reported as offensive - presumably you feel this kind of sexist, ageist comment is appropriate despite no knowledge of the individuals to whom you refer - I find it inappropriate & offensive


You are of course right, we all have different tastes and that's fine. But that won't stop me speaking up everytime someone mentions a Juke. The Juke is literally the only car on the road right now that I look at and think WTF were they thinking buying that ugly thing (poo)


My Wife has a 67 Plate Ford Kuga and I drive a 15 plate BMW 520 Estate... I still think the Juke is Ugly


Weird I didn't post anything about my opinion or argue a point of view..... But when you've got an old meme to use that doesn't completely fit and everyone's seen before you bust that bad boy out.... Then people will think your original I suppose.

Hyundai i30 £136.80 per month, no deposit, 18 month lease. Total cost £2,462.40 @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 1st Feb 2018Found 1st Feb 2018
Hyundai i30 £136.80 per month, no deposit, 18 month lease. Total cost £2,462.40 @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Excellent deal with no deposit for a lease vehicle
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but it still generated so much heat, not mentioned in deal or reflected in actual price. Somebody must have admin rights and be able to change it.


Bit sad that adults can get so hung up about posting a deal. Lots of rather childish and angry people on this site. The comments section reminds me of a school playground. Thank you OP for taking the time to post.




Sold out


No deposit, short-ish term, decent sized car, newer model. Great value

Hyundai i30 Lease for £94 per month / initial payment of £853.20 @ Mad Sheep Leasing (£2704.79 total)
Found 1st Feb 2018Found 1st Feb 2018
Saw this when looking at the Volvo that was posted yesterday. Passed on to a relative who was looking for a cheap car. Also available with no money up front at £136 per month. … Read more

I wish they did this for either an Audi or vw golf ...


Cars booked to be delivered end of the month! It's a brand new 18 plate too (y) 😊


Probably works for Carwow or wbac, either that or works at Halfords and classes that as working in the 'industry'. Judging by the utter garbage you are spouting out its the latter.


It's called profit and making money. That's how business works


I saw this post advertised and then read the comments referring to the WhatCar website - good thing I did! That's where I registered my interest! I was a bit slow and only scanned the application through today at 11am with Holdcroft. 3pm got a call from Mark confirming successful credit check n placed the order 😊

Volvo S60 Saloon T4 [190] SE Nav 4dr Leather - NO DEPOSIT - £4413.06 Lease  @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 31st Jan 2018Found 31st Jan 2018
Volvo S60 Saloon T4 [190] SE Nav 4dr Leather - NO DEPOSIT - £4413.06 Lease @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Ordered this yesterday with 10,000 miles but that deal ends tonight. This one is 8,000 miles a year. Deal: Personal contract hire Contract term : 18 months Rental profile : 1 +… Read more
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That was quick delivery! I'm hoping I still get mine at end of April as my Audi A4 Estate goes back when my Volvo S60 T4 should be delivered, but I need to chase Volvo dealer for the contract hire paperwork though. I think the dealer ordered a qty of them rather than back to back ordering so I should be ok, as he mentioned he only had 2 left when I ordered. I'll need to call them on Monday. How's the car? I ordered mine without a test drive, as 18 months isn't long to keep it anyway. I was more bothered about finding a half decent car for £200 a month all in, with only the chance of 1 service and no replacement tyres, my Audi will be close to 2mm on the 2 fronts when that goes back, may swap them with rears next week to make sure they last.


I've never seen an 18month contract before. I thought they were always 2, 3 or 4 years? I suppose there's no reason why they can't be 1.5 years but doesn't that make it very difficult to compare offers?


Nice one! I took delivery of mine on Friday and so far i'm very impressed.


I took your advice and went to a Volvo main dealer today. Nice guys - really helpful. Ive ordered one with Met paint and the "winter pack" - they didnt have any left that didnt have these options on - for £168per month on a 9+17 payment profile at 8k mpa for 18 months lease. Also got 1 service in 12 months time included for free, so effectively its a "maintained" price and is costing me ~£4,300 all in for the 18 months. Delivery on March 1st on a 18 plate. Pretty happy.


Anybody looking to get one of these is better off going straight to Volvo dealers for the offer, I have just ordered one on 18 month contract hire , £2k initial + £99.58 per month, 8000 miles per year on 18 month contract , 0<5000 excess miles charged at 7.56p per mile. £205 per month + any excess mileage. No broker fees to pay either. I couldn't get another Audi A4 for same price as last time so chose this. Use What Car Leasing to see which dealers are offering the vehicles, rather than brokers

£218 p/m with no big deposit Volvo V40 Hatchback T2 [122] Momentum 5dr 18 months £4290.84 @ Mad sheep leasing
Found 11th Jan 2018Found 11th Jan 2018
£218 p/m with no big deposit Volvo V40 Hatchback T2 [122] Momentum 5dr 18 months £4290.84 @ Mad sheep leasing
An unusual 18 month deal - so well out of the way of two services and tyres being worn. I like the deal because there is no big initial rental payment here. Simply £218.38 initial … Read more

i Lease What I Want!


It’s called economic/social disparity.


Good price but worth going for the nav plus imo.


People buy according to their needs. A corsa could probley make it to the shops once a week or so but some people use their cars for work. No work = no money. So better to get a good car in warranty. Any issues the main dealer will handle with for free car whilst being repaired. Also no need to worry about any mot or tyre costs. Lease also covers the road tax


Why some people buy Vauxhalls baffles me.

Volvo S60 T4 (190 BHP) SE NAV £225 p/m NO DEPOSIT Car Lease @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 6th Jan 2018Found 6th Jan 2018
Volvo S60 T4 (190 BHP) SE NAV £225 p/m NO DEPOSIT Car Lease @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Saw the S90 deal go hot earlier this week, I had my Arteon from here. Received a mailer for this S60 from them yesterday, one of my friends has ordered on my recommendation with a… Read more

That was for Scotland - in England the Fiesta was the top selling car last year


I agree best car I have ever driven at the end of the day the comfort is second to none


Don't buy the petrol as it drinks to no end, I have the diesel R design auto and it averages 42mpg in town and 65mpg on the motorway. I normally get 650-750 miles to a tank. Could not recommend the car higher but would never entertain a manual gearbox


Very astute those drivers.


Doesn't make it a good car. It's an average, cheap small car at best.

VOLVO S90 R-DESIGN Personal Lease **NO DEPOSIT** Limited stock - £320.41pm/18months (Term =£5767.38) @ MadSheep
Found 3rd Jan 2018Found 3rd Jan 2018
Volvo S90 2.0 D4 R-DESIGN 4dr Geartronic ** NO DEPOSIT** Business or Personal Contract Hire Available from just £320.41 per month inc … Read more

Indeed! My next car will be an m140. Nice noisy petrol engine!


Just had a mailer from them offering a cheap S60 SE Nav now too.


The total cost is £6127.38 which includes the £360 processing fee to pay. The vehicle value is also £36,750 based off the P11D (Manufacturer RRP £36965). Not sure where the OP got the 42k value from.


Those are not issues - those are by design the active regeneration functioning. Yep a warning on dash and car going to limp mode (loss of power) - usually fairly obvious you have an issue albeit older cars the message may be more generic than stating dpf (like engine malfunction was a favourite of ford).


When your car is not having its cooling fans running. When you see an increased idle speed. When you have noticed the deactivation of automatic Stop/Start (if you have that). When you notice a slight increase in fuel consumption. When you notice a hot, acrid smell from the exhaust and when you notice the engine note change. But your car should inform you with a warning message and/or dash signal.

Citroen C4 Cactus Hatchback 1.2 12 months at £2375.88  (£167.99pm + £360)10k miles @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Citroen C4 Cactus Hatchback 1.2 12 months at £2375.88 (£167.99pm + £360)10k miles @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Looks to be a cracking deal for anyone after a cheap 12 month lease Personal Contract Hire £167.99 Per Month, INC VAT Rental Profile 1 + 11 Annual Mileage 10k Miles p/a Initial … Read more
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Is this still available? The link doesn't seem to be working


Also to add, I averaged 45mpg over 6500 miles in the diesel. Official figures are 92mpg I think? 90% inner London driving however


Had the 1.6 diesel for 2 years on lease at £150pm with £900 initial. Pretty good motor definitely recommend if efficiency is your thing and you like the looks. Seats have no lumbar support so get yourself some from eBay 😜


OK to split hairs just looked through my app that goes with the car and a recent one for me was 72mpg (miles per gallon) and that was for 30 miles. But I know I have had better but cannot find it and some have even had better than 80mpg


80mpg? I'm sorry but even a modern Diesel would struggle to get anywhere that economy. Maybe you meant 80 MPH

VW Arteon 2.0 TSI R Line 5dr DSG - £213 per month (£7195.20 total) @  Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
VW Arteon 2.0 TSI R Line 5dr DSG - £213 per month (£7195.20 total) @ Mad Sheep Leasing
Just had a mailer about this, based on 5000 miles, 10000 is another £14 a month. Huge car for the money.

The deal isn't available anymore. But I have just agreed a lease on an Arteon. I just wanted to mention that for tyres and service make sure you'll actually need it. This deal was a 2 year lease. Depending on mileage you may not need tyres or a service. I only do about 8000 miles a year so haven't signed up for the tyres or service.


That is excluding maintenance and tyre. Can anybody find what will be the monthly price including maintenance and tyre? :|


I tend to be ok when it comes to curbing. But both my current car and previous have been victims of ass holes doing hit and runs. A dented front wing on my current car and someone also keyed a nice x into it. I've since moved out of London though and so far no new dents or key marks. So perhaps it's a better time to take a gamble? :/


I don't think people search for credibility, but if you lose it then it is pretty pointless to post anything.


Nothing wrong with leasing. I’m more than happy to pay every month. Keep cash in bank, a car is a depreciating asset. Anything goes wrong with it I take it directly to the dealer (warranty). Works for me at least. Won’t be for everyone and I understand that.

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 1.8 TSI GTI 3dr - £214 / Month @ (£7,704)
Found 20th May 2017Found 20th May 2017
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 1.8 TSI GTI 3dr - £214 / Month @ (£7,704)
No deposit Contract term 36 months Rental profile 1 + 35 Annual mileage 8000 Processing fee £360.00 Finance doc fee £0.00 Production status Current model Warranty included yes Bre… Read more

Yes, but they probably won't bring out a Polo version until 6months to a year after the normal models are out. The new one will be on the MQB platform that the MK7 Golf is on, and the difference between the MK6 and MK7 Golf for refinement and handling is pretty significant. I may consider downgrading to a Polo GTI when the new one comes out, if VW up the power a bit (probably not enough to step on the current Golf GTI's toes).

yep i was 90k and there was still loads left on pads and discs ... did them too early!


If you need new brakes in 24000 miles you need to improve your driving style. My last car did 71000 before needing front brakes changing and that was 2.3ltr turbo MPS.


Brand new shape polo out September says my vw dealer


Buy a Lamborghini? Wish I could own one

Mercedes C220d AMG Line Saloon - £239 P/M at Mad Sheep Leasing (£7679.68 over term)
Found 2nd Sep 2016Found 2nd Sep 2016
Mercedes C220d AMG Line Saloon - £239 P/M at Mad Sheep Leasing (£7679.68 over term)
Just seen this on their Facebook page, good deal, very tempted (just need to convince the Mrs).
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​why lease? why not? No or little servicing costs. Warranty. No MOT on a 3 year lease. No tax on mine. 54mpg in mine. Up to date car with 5* NCAP I could go on and on. Absolute trouble free, no hassle motoring. a high % of US cars and indeed UK cars sold in this way. Just like you used to rent a TV from Radio Rentals?


​yeah and if your engine blows up and it costs you 5k+ to fix, not quite so rosy then....


Yet that comment took longer to write than clicking the link.


I'm a busy man going to work, time is money so why waste it


My lease from plan was exactly the same total if I put down 9 months or 3 months. I actually ended up doing 1 month upfront. Does anyone know the excess mileage charge and if excess mileage is a flat rate of tiered?

Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i X-Play 5dr 8k, 42 month £99.97 with £900 deposit or £119.97 with £119 Deposit from Mad-Sheep Leasing
Found 19th Feb 2016Found 19th Feb 2016
Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i X-Play 5dr 8k, 42 month £99.97 with £900 deposit or £119.97 with £119 Deposit from Mad-Sheep Leasing
Just helped my son to order one of these, and after looking around, this seemed like the best deal. Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-I X-Play 42 Month PCP @ £99.97 / month inc VAT with a £900… Read more
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Also is you look at how much a seven year old aygo sells for 1.5 to 2k then after four years the car only cost you about 800 a year if you sold it after four years


My whole point and deprecation on them is a lot lower


There will be much cheaper ways of getting a PCP on an AYGO/C1/108 out there...


Sorry, scratch all of my talk of £2000 - the GFV is over £4500, YIKES!


Not a great deal at all that Kevin, sorry to say. Paying £5200 for a 3 year old, old shape Aygo isn't that spectacular - cars depreciate in the region of 50% over the first 3 years (although admittedly, these small engined A segment cars do depreciate less than the bigger stuff). If the GFV on this car is only around £2000 (we don't know how much it is from the OP) then a total cost of £7500 for this is a far better deal.