Madagascar Kartz & Wheel Bundle Nintendo Wii £15.73 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

Madagascar Kartz & Wheel Bundle Nintendo Wii £15.73 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

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Good price for this new game with a wheel

Experience the zany characters and unique locations of the Madagascar movies wrapped in the over-the-top fun of arcade style kart racing. Put the pedal to the metal Madagascar style with wacky karts, wild tracks, tons of power-ups and crazy kart racing action!

* Your favourite Madagascar Characters: Including Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman, the wacky King Julien and the crafty penguins.
* 18 Wild Tracks: Based on your favourite scenes from the movies, including plane wreck, the New York City Zoo and the volcano.
* Crazy Kart Action: High flying jumps, flips, rolls and wheelies. Special reward structure for crazy maneuvers.
* Tons of Pick-Ups: Power boosts, mines, missiles and more - all capturing the personality of the Madagascar movies.
* Bonus DreamWorks Characters and Tracks: Unlock Shrek and B.O.B. along with tracks for Shrek's Swamp and the Mother Ship.
* Head-to-Head Multiplayer: Take on up to 4 of your friends.
* Leaderboard Support: Submit and download times and ghost data.


Its cheap because its rubbish.

go to poundland for the wheel.

Original Poster mod


go to poundland for the wheel.

No don't - they are really rubbish ones and buying the game on its own and a wheel from Poundland will cost more than buying this bundle

Good price.


Its cheap because its rubbish.

Very constructive :roll:

Care to share why it's "rubbish"?


Very constructive :roll:Care to share why it's "rubbish"?

Well it's a movie tie-in...

If it's good it'd be the first since Goldeneye!

lol so you actually have no idea if its good or not?

you MAY be right, but still an uninformed opinion!.

PS whilst there is a lot of carp movie tie ins i can think of a few other good ones.

lego starwars hexology (+ indy + batman)
shrek 3 was good for what it was
Die Hard trilogy
Batman Arkham assylum (maybe more of a spin off but still)
Star Wars Starfighter.
and am sure there are plenty more
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