Made in Britain (Special Edition) [DVD] £3.97 at Amazon

Made in Britain (Special Edition) [DVD] £3.97 at Amazon

Found 12th Jun 2011
Made in Britain (Special Edition) [DVD] £3.97 at Amazon

Written by David Leland and directed by Alan Clarke, Made in Britain is a slice of horrible but not inaccurate life from 1982. It holds a terrific early performance from Tim Roth as a skinhead with a swastika caste-mark tattoo, who constantly bares shark-like teeth as he spits embittered, articulate defiance at caring social workers and truncheon-wielding policemen alike. Sixteen-year-old Trevor (Roth) is remanded to an assessment centre before sentencing, but remains determined to disobey the rules imposed on him by any authority figures and spends the whole 73-minute play challenging the system to smack him back down, by vandalising the Job Centre, using his case-file as a toilet, stealing cars, victimising members of the "immigrant community" and shouting bile at people. The cycle that will lead him to an adult life in prison is explained to him with blackboard diagrams, but he believes he's better off keeping his hatred burning than toeing the line to end up as a no-hoper in a society that prizes obedience over conscience. It was originally televised as one of four Leland-filmed dramas about different aspects of the British education system, which made it seem less monomaniacal in its focus on an extreme case. There's no denying that it's an honest portrait of a monster calculated to terrify even the most concerned liberals which still manages to celebrate his self-destructive defiance. A film for television rather than a TV play, it has very strong language but the violence is all in Roth's face.


nice find..

brilliant movie

remember this as a kid and it put a very young tim roth on the map .... brilliant acting . he did a mini series a few years later ( king of the ghetto ) or similar . wouldnt mind seeing that series again.

This maybe of intrest to some of you who enjoyed made in britain, also includes Meantime and **** up your ears for £3 more.****-up-your-ears/made-in-britain/meantime/9996879.html
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