Madison cushions at Littlewoods 6 for £3 delivered @ Littlewoods
Madison cushions at Littlewoods 6 for £3 delivered @ Littlewoods

Madison cushions at Littlewoods 6 for £3 delivered @ Littlewoods

*You need to go to checkout to show*

The Madison Cushion is down from £12 to £3. If you add three to your basket you still get the 3 for 2 price and it takes £5 off the total. So you get 3 delivered for £4..... but if you add 6 its £3 !

mse spot


Didn't work for me. Do you have to add a code?

Wow! HOT! 6 Cushions for £3!!! I got 3 Chocolate and 3 Beige, Thanks OP!

Just ordered 6 for £3. Apparently with delivery of the 22nd! Thanks op

didnt work for me.....:( dont know what's the problem.....

Thanks. Worked for me!!!

Thanks just ordered 6 hope they honour it.

Great - hot!!

I don't see why they wouldnt honour, no codes were involved

And I got three raspberry and 3 natural. Good spot lucerysmum!
Happy Christmas!

Cracking Deal - thanks OP!!

Ordered 6 OFF for £3 - delivered ... cheap as chips!

could anybody please help....didnt work for me....:(

Just add 6 cushions to basket, discount shows when you go to pay

mine is charging delivery?


Got 3 beige and 3 chocolate, £3 delivered.

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really great deal, nice one a hot from me

Wow, got 12 cushions for £6!!!
Just what I was looking for!
Quidco too, though won't be much.

Hot Hot Hot. Mnay thanks. ordered 4 chocolate and 2 natural x

Brilliant, thank-you very much.

i got 9 for £7 x

worked for me. thanks OP. doubt it will get honoured but you never know.

Very nice deal, thanks.

Worked for me to.Probably won"t honour it, but heres hoping.Heat added and thank you.

Nice one, cheers.
Don't really need 6 but for that price I got 3 choc and 3 red.

No confirmation email yet so fingers crossed

Sorry if daft question but do I have to pay for these weekly or can I just pay once now ?

thankyou hope they do honour and not charge us full price.

Gone for 6


mine is charging delivery?

mine too

i think i may just have been too late, link no longer working... i won't expire in case it's just me but can anyone else get this deal now?

worked.... Thanks guys:)

Thanks just ordered 3 brown & 3 beige. BARGAIN Voted hot.

Sold Out!!!!

Only charges delivery if you choose a certain date, otherwise seems free! Thank you!

6 for £3... 8.08% TCB

Great deal.

Have purchased a few.


6 ordered, £3 charged with free delivery on 31st. Thanks!

Sorry just seen the payment options

Not showing in transaction history.......not holding my breath

not working now..
no beige
good deal though

Ta, can always throw em away if they don't look nice in the flesh for £3.

got it to work, it wasn't added the chocolate ones as its saying its out of stock so added another 3 cream
thanks op heat added
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