MADONNA Ladies Perfume Tattoo Eau Da Toilette 50ml for £1 @ Poundland

MADONNA Ladies Perfume Tattoo Eau Da Toilette 50ml for £1 @ Poundland

LocalFound 2nd Oct 2011
Not much else to say except one of my daughters picked it up today at Poundland and she is very pleased with it - and it really is very pleasant (no doubt not to everyones' taste but hope the post helps someone). Not bad for a quid :-)
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LOL, Madonna perfume, for a pound must be great, make sure she doesnt come out in a rash.

Nah just joking never smelt it.
It really isnt bad - and when you have 3 girls in the house who seem to be constantly spraying something or the other - I'm not bothered when it only cost a quid and it smells nice - and to be honest I may get some myself too
oh - and even my husband has just said that it smells quite expensive oO
cheap, thats madonna

cheap, thats madonna

Takes one to know one lol
Really very pleasent...? doesn't sound like madonna to
I was always rather partial to a bit of madonna in her day (music of course) oO

Takes one to know one lol

ner ner ner ner ner
i got a couple of these and they smell quite nice, but doesnt last long. Smell wears off after couple of hours. I use it as an air freshner and spray on curtains and cushions. Smells like a boudoir in my place! :-)
ive picked a few up the diamonds one is really nice!
I don't think the Perfume actually has anything too do with the the 'Pop star' Madonna. The Perfume, though cheap, is extremely nice. I picked it up at Poundland yesterday and I'm really happy with it. I think it smells a lot like Britney Spears' Perfume 'Circus'
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