Madworld £8 in Sainsburys

Madworld £8 in Sainsburys

Found 13th Nov 2009
Saw this in Sainsburys latest videogame sale, as I tried (and failed) to get a copy of Modern Warfare 2. Thought it was quite a good price. Instore only as far as I can see.


i had a copy of this game and all the game retailers offered me 2 quid a;-)s a trade in or a quid in cash which i refused as it was brand new in shrink wrapping, eventually gamestation took it off me for 4 quid after a lot of arguing, it just goes to show they will rip the public off wholesale!:x

is this game much cop then? i hear its name being flung around quite a bit

we had it cos it came in a bundle when we got the wii, i heard it was banned for a while there


good game. And a good deal. just a note i did see this in Currys for £7 but not posting against the deal just saying worth a look if it is nearby.
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