Madworld on WII ..........Only £9.97 (instore only) @ Currys

Madworld on WII ..........Only £9.97 (instore only) @ Currys

Found 23rd May 2009Made hot 23rd May 2009
Bargain price for a very good game. Only instore at the moment

Still £14.97 online though!!!!!


i thought game was very reptitive and boring

Agree with shadowdogg (edit: not with the boring bit, just that its repetitive), but well worth it for under a tenner

Disagree with above two.

Great blast for 4 hours

Agree with Demoki.
Repetitiveness broken up by mid-level bloodbath challenges and the end level bosses are fun for the most part.
Plus, very good soundtrack (especially if you're into Rap/Hip Hop, but I'm not usually a fan)
and some hilarious commentary from Greg Proops (Whose Line is it Anyway?) and John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama).

I'd recommend it to anyone who liked No More Heroes, especially at £10-15.

Amazing game, picked this up a few weeks back! Id highly recommend this!
Great reviews aswell :…tml

heat added

can anyone else confirm this

if its still 14.97 online

might be store specific

also i expect pc world will be selling this for that price soon

its an ok game... worth £10-£15

and def worth having if you have a wii

sadly this big a price cut means that currys likely sold hardly any

I checked at our shop today and it was £14.97.

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Was £9.97 at currys in norwich :thumbsup:
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