Madworld - Wii - £14.98 - Delivered (+9% Quidco) @ Game
Madworld - Wii - £14.98 - Delivered (+9% Quidco) @ Game

Madworld - Wii - £14.98 - Delivered (+9% Quidco) @ Game

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Seen a few posts for Madworld but this seems the cheapest online at the moment. Even cheaper than the Tesco offline deal if you include quidco.

Seems to be quite a few other decent games in the sale too, although these have already been listed by others.



Thanks for this

Thanks. Very tempting. not sure whether to wait a bit longer for further fall in price tho, hmmmm. Heat added.

fab game, worth a lot more... so much fun if you like taking it out on games of an eve with a beer to relax lol!

very good price on a recent well rated game.



you mean youtube.com/wat…YHY

But in seriousness, sounds like a good price.

Saw this in a shop the other day, wbut couldn't figure it out from the back, what's this game all about?

I've played from a backup disc (cough cough)! Basically its a black and white bloodfest. You have to score a certain amount of points every level. You get points for killing numerous opponents in loads of grisly ways, such as ramming a road sign through their head or cutting them up with your chainsaw. Black and white except for the blood and there is a lot of blood.

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I think the best explanation of the game I heard was that it's a cross between a beat-em-up and puzzle game. The gameplay is basically setup like a beat-em-up, the puzzle system is in chaining kills in creative ways to increase your score.

The black and white look as a good idea on the Wii. It means it can compete artiscally with games on the other consoles in a way that most Wii games can't.
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