Mafia 2 Collection (Includes All 6 DLC Packs) £1 Download @ Game (Steam)

Mafia 2 Collection (Includes All 6 DLC Packs) £1 Download @ Game (Steam)

Found 18th Dec 2013
3% Quidco

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Mafia II Collection includes:

Mafia II
Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta
Mafia II: Greaser Pack
Mafia II: Renegade Pack
Mafia II: Vegas Pack
Mafia II: War Hero Pack
Mafia II: Joe's Adventure
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Edited by: "Bob_Green" 18th Dec 2013
actually not a bad game

actually not a bad game

Yea i enjoyed it on xbox, downloaded it other day to play on playstation.
Fantastic game this, and a really good PC version.
Great game
This isn't a bad deal, but it's pretty easy to get the base game for pennies (lots of spare keys floating around from the Golden Joysticks promo) and it's not all the DLC - this lacks the Made Man DLC (part of the Deluxe edition only) and the Betrayal of Jimmy DLC (only available via the Russian steam store or the Directors Cut edition).
£5, not £8

£5, not £8

They must of changed it mate. Thanks.
This one needs expiring. This post with the £5 price was done.…697
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