Mafia 3 for Xbox One £5.99 at Go2Games

Mafia 3 for Xbox One £5.99 at Go2Games



If you're going to bore yourself to death at least do it properly with the season pass for £2 extra
The game is slightly repetitive...
thesimpsons_uk35 s ago

The game is slightly repetitive...

Slightly? That's putting it lightly.
thesimpsons_uk5 m ago

The game is slightly repetitive...

Ordered the version with season pass the other day. Just arrived today so good first experience with the site. Not got the best reviews I know but I shall see! Can't really complain for 7.99
At this kind of price it’s a good purchase. I found the season pass a bit dull, but for the extra £2 you can hardly complain.
It's a beautiful game, and the story is told in an interesting way. It's not a bad game however the missions do become very repetitive after a few hours. At £5.99 though you can't really go wrong.

The season pass was a breath of fresh air so if you can pick that up for a decent price too you're onto a winner!
Agree with comments of it being repetitive. Soundtrack was amazing and game had potential but just not enough variation in the missions for me. Got it on disk and gets put on for hour and then bored after that. Would say it's a 6/10.
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