Mafia 3 XBOX1/PS4 deluxe edition £9.99 @ Game

Mafia 3 XBOX1/PS4 deluxe edition £9.99 @ Game

Found 17th Nov 2016
Probable miss-price, down from 69.99 to 9.99, description says includes full game and season pass.
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Ordered on PS4. Awaiting confirmation/cancellation email.
You have to be in it to win it, thanks op. Ordered on xbox one
Ordered thanks. CEX trade in at £24 cash. Worth it just to get the season pass!
How long under the "bought 100 for eBay"...? (_;)

Ordered, thanks, let's see what happens.

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Purchased and have a confirmation email. Now we play the waiting game..
Nice one
Done click and collect hopefully will get honored
Waiting game indeed
Ordered, waiting game begins...
Yep. Fully expect a cancellation email but taken a punt! Thanks
They better honour it. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks op. Ordered using game card so hoping they don't cancel it.
Little tip, opt for first class delivery, might just swing the balance.
I have a good feeling about this one!
Aslong as we all keep it quite, No emailing customer support asking if this is a legit deal!
expire the deal now so only us early birds get it X)

Little tip, opt for first class delivery, might just swing the balance.

What makes you think that? Once it's into the postal system, it's out of GAME's hands, and 1st vs 2nd class shouldn't impact on their handling time prior to dispatch.
just ordered, you never know they might be in the Christmas spirit!
Cheers for this, ordered too.
Given it a go, fingers crossed!
Ordered thanks .. fingers crossed !
Ordered! Worth a shot!
Ordered mine, got my copy of DIRT when it was a misprice last time.
Fingers crossed.. Waiting game
Ordered Thanks
In store price is £55 so defo fingers crossed. Ordered.
Usually miss these "deals", so gave it a go. Ordered and now received confirmation email. Thanks!
Hmmm, too good to be true at that price but worth a try
thanks Op. one purchased for each console. nice early Christmas present to myself and one for my son.
Ordered one ta
Ordered Thanks
Thanks op, first time I've managed to get in on one of these deals, fingers crossed they go through with it
gotta try haven't you.
Cheers OP, worth a try and with PayPal you know it's guaranteed money back! Fingers crossed guys
ordered thank you
Worth a try.
so many times i have ordered consoles games etc in the night and then decided to cancel as it was cheaper elsewhere but they still ship saying it is too late to cancel etc ,now lets see how fast they ship this haha
nice I ordered 1 for ps4 and 1 for xboxone
Ordered! Great find
Already got this one XB1S, but ordered it for my PS4 PRO as it's on the list of "Upgrade " titles, received confirmation email, and will flog my the XBOX version when this arrives. Gonna get HOT !!!!
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