Mafia III Collector's Edition £37.99 @ GAME PS4,Xbox One & PC

Mafia III Collector's Edition £37.99 @ GAME PS4,Xbox One & PC

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Found 24th Jun 2017
Just spotted the Collectors Edition of Mafia 3 is down to £37.99 on all formats at Game website.

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Typical, paid £50 over a month ago... heat.
I enjoyed this game and bought it on release, heat for what you get as the soundtrack was great
I know the game is not amazing but I personally really like this collectors edition, the vinyls are great. Heated
Good price! I too also bought it over a month ago at around 40-50. Really good price for what you get. Heated dude.
Ordered thanks.
Loads of value here! I really liked Mafia 3. I appreciate the action gets repetitive, but there's a decent story led game in there as well. The DLC have been a nice bonus as well. Hope more people play it with this deal...
I played a good 5-10 hours of this on Xbox One but got really bored after the map opened up and it turned into rinse-repeat missions.

I did like the setting and the music, and I hear good things about the updates, so I have ordered this to play on my Pro. Too good a deal to resist!
Terrible game. A real let down and disappointment in so many areas, that it's predecessor Mafia II did so well.
Repairing your car, better fights, getting gas station service, going into and getting served at restaurants - it's all in Mafia II and all missing from Mafia III.
The quality of apartments and the interactivity of objects within them is superlative in Mafia II and absolutely terrible in Mafia III.
Don't believe me?: YouTube; Mafia 3 vs Mafia 2. There are at least three good review comparisons that point out the differences.

Heres just one:…VP0

Get the genuine article for a Mafia game! - Mafia II
Here's another good comparison:…vU4

The difference is so clear, it's as if Mafia II was the sequel to Mafia III
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