MAG (MASSIVE ACTION GAME) PS3 £26.94 Delivered @ PowerPlay

MAG (MASSIVE ACTION GAME) PS3 £26.94 Delivered @ PowerPlay

SuperEd 0
Found 21st Apr 2010
please tell me where to get it cheaper if voting cold
use code B4U for this price

Find out if you're man enough to command a 128 strong army into battle with this huge, online first-person shooter for PS3. Experience a world of online warfare on an unprecedented scale, where 256 players take to the battlefield to win glory and the right to command their troops. Choose the force that reflects your fighting style and prove yourself to move through the chain of command to lead a squad, then a platoon, then an entire army. Exclusive to PS3, this action packed multiplayer madness is sure to sort the men from the boys. Are you officer material?

* Take your place in a 256-player battle - fight on multiple battlefronts, use airborne landings and on-call tactical strikes to secure strategic objectives.
* Squad Objectives - Every operative forms part of a tight knit 8 man squad. These squads are given objectives set by player officers and change as the battle reaches its climax.
* Explore the galaxy like never before you work together as a team the bigger the reward.
* Rise through the chain of command - earn the right to lead an 8-man squad, 32-man platoon and even command a full 128-man army.

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