Magazine Group Subscription Offers & Free Gifts
Magazine Group Subscription Offers & Free Gifts

Magazine Group Subscription Offers & Free Gifts

Arena - 12 issues for £20 PLUS FREE Body Shop set worth £36

Elle - 6 issues ONLY £6.00

Magazine Group

Psychologies - 6 issues ONLY £6.00 PLUS FREE Allegra Hicks Wash & Make-up Bag set

Grazia - 12 issues ONLY £13.00 PLUS FREE Laura Tabor original feather cuff worth £50

Harper's Bazaar - 12 issues for £12

Heat - 13 issues for £19.95 PLUS FREE Pure Make up set worth £39

House Beautiful - 12 issues for £12

Prima - 12 issues for £12

The Week - 6 issues free PLUS FREE copy of Short and to the Point by Jolyon Connell

Yours - 6 issues for ONLY £7.3


Good deals here with mothers day coming up , voted hot


Not all that great,

I signed up last time and got a letter like 2 months later? saying they are finally going to start it but were going to take £14 for 6 months to save me doing it after the 3? hmm

"PC Pro DVD edition
RRP: £59.88
Our price: 12 issues for £39.99
Save 93%"

93% ? That's a bit of an exaggeration !!!

And they have changed quidco - no longer get £5.80

They are going to lose loads of business as they have reduced Quidco payout to only 15% from £5.80.

Can i cancel after 3 issues for STUFF magazine? ?

why is this hot???? when this isn't..............


Still not a bad deal tho!

Reading the T&C's on the site, it states that you can cancel your subscription at any time, unless it is stated that your subscription is for a minimum period i.e. 12 months. Had a look at a few magazines and can't find anywhere that states how long the subscription is for. I know that in the past people have been able to take out Radio Times subscriptions and then cancel them after the initial deal had expired, but I don't want to sign up for one of these 3 issues for £1 deals and then find out that I've subscribed for 12 months and need to pay for the other issues.

I'll hold off voting hot / cold just now till I find out either way.


And they have changed quidco - no longer get £5.80

You can get £2.40 cashback at Linemypocket.co.uk

Voted hot, thanks. I've just signed up for a 12 month subscription to my favourite mag, and saved £32.40, delivered free - for £12 it was worth a punt!

Just got a years Time Magazine for about £25
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