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3 issues of Bikes Etc. plus 5 inner tubes for £3.00 @ Magazine Subscriptions
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
5 inner tubes for £3 seems like a great buy, and get 3 free magazines too. Scroll down the page to get print & digital version (or don't bother and get the print version only).… Read more
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Awesome, I'm subbed for cyclist but recieved November edition 3 weeks ago which is weird, was it a mistake and no Oct came lol


Thx op 23mm for me so perfect

Auto Express subscription 6 issues for a total of £1 and free tool kit
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Just went on Dennis Publishing and realised they have the weekly Auto Express magazine for £1 for 6 issues. The magazines are £3.20 in thier own. I subscribed last time it was £1… Read more

Got my tool kit. Before the magazine


The tool kits are alright for minor work .. I've got about 3 through subscription offers .. The screwdriver bits are the best of the lot .. the plier heads have mashed up and the small screwdrivers just turn within each other ...


This is the tool kit, used a few times, it does come in handy


Looks like Chinese made tat. I'd rather save the space in my garage.


it is actually good deal, but i will not go for it as i always forget to cancel contract so, it will cost me arm and a leg after 6 issues.

The Week magazines for £0.00 (trial subscription based, four/six free issues) @ Magazine Subscriptions
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
After subscribing to Auto Express magazine yesterday, I had noticed a few magazines advertised for free, People don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the trial ends. ht… Read more

SOZ!!! Too quick there. Good find!!!


It's the MONEYWEEK that's free.


Thanks, you're welcome.


I got this for years but did not always have the time to read it, sometimes I would have a backlog of 12. I do miss it so will start again thanks op


It’s a terrific weekly if you’ve the time to read it. Well worth the money

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Auto Express Magazine subscription: 6 issues for £1 plus a FREE Toolkit
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Make the most of summer - now is the time to get out and drive! If you love cars then Auto Express is your ultimate weekly read. Every issue features the highest quality journalis… Read more
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I had 2 toolkits, 2 weeks after my first magazine


I did try to warm you guys, im still battling for my gift from the G3 promotion which was like 4 months ago. This company is a joke, customer service is dreadful - stock response is we've ordered one if it doesn't come in 28 working days let us know. Translated into we've just brought a months time where we wont hear from you!


literally we will get sun shade after the summer, great...


Just got an email about half and hour go, it stated the same generic message above. "Thank you for your email regarding Auto Express. Your gift was ordered on 27th July 2018. If you do not receive your gift within the next 28 working days, please get in touch and we will look into this matter further for you. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us."


Thanks and like added.

6 issues of Auto Express and 26 Piece Tool Set -£1 @ Magazine Subscriptions
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Very similar offer that was promoted several weeks ago, only this time you get a free 26 Piece Tool kit rather than an AutoGylm wash kit. Simply sign up for magazine subscription … Read more
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jackojack Not sure if it counts as a contract you've entered into with them, I doubt they would chase you for anymore money but if the magazines keep arriving.... It was easy to cancel, 30secs maybe after a few minutes on hold.


Just cancel DD?


Just cancelled mine after the 5th issue, you can't do it online you need to call 03303339490 option 4, there was a few minutes wait on hold but they were very polite asked a few details and cancelled it, there was no hard sell or trying to talk you round. (y)


Can't find a cancellation thing online, just a message box where you can select "cancellation request" from a drop down box and write them a message about it. Is that how people are cancelling? I was expecting a big cancel button on my account, but can't see anything like that. I've received 4 issues so far and my Autoglym set. Don't want to be charged any more, as the magazine seems to be a glorified car advert. First one was 99% articles about the new Skoda 4x4. Looks like they must have been paid to promote it.


Their online cancelling didn't work for me. Sent an email - no reply. 3 weeks later sent another email then they replied to the first email. That's service for you!

AutoExpress 6 issues for £1 with a FREE Autoglym Bodywork Wash & Protect Complete Kit
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Just got emailed about this offer, seems great!

I got gift 2 weeks after deal, never paid either.


haha got the gift today wtf didn't get magazine or even pay


Same here end up having nothing :(


I signed up in April and didn't even get a magazine (annoyed)


signed up towards the end, didnt receive any email nor gift..

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Mens Fitness subscription at Magazine Subscriptions £5 for 5 months topcashback of £4.54 making it a grand total of
Found 21st Sep 2016Found 21st Sep 2016
Mens fitness magazine ( but topcashback will work on any magazine subscription over £4.50). Five issues for £5 on direct debit , cancel after first payment taken. £4.54 from topcas… Read more
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My husband has had his, can't remember how many though, and cashback went through fine. First copy came through really quickly after taking deal out, so I would chase them up, make sure dd went out , your address is right etc.


has anyone actually received their copy? still haven't had mine... 3 months later..


Oh that is sad :(


Just need to cancel the direct debit off your bank account after the first payment. I did it with a craft magazine earlier this year and all went through fine .


great offer - ordered. I've also contacted them to ensure my subscription doesn't renew after 5 issues as don't fancy being stung there!

The Week OR The Week Junior Edition £1 for 6 issues (Approx 17p (ish) each) @ Magazine Subscriptions
Found 29th Feb 2016Found 29th Feb 2016
£1 for 6 months, bargain, usually £1.99 per issue. The Week link in 1st post (junior hit get deal link) Blurb The Week Junior is the perfect gift . Young people love reading it… Read more
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Erm £1 for 6 weeks not months, it's in the title XD


The Week

12 month "Gadget" Magazine Subscription £29.99
Found 5th Dec 2015Found 5th Dec 2015
Shop price would be £60 so this is half price (more if you use the voucher this weekend - see below) Featuring the most exciting tech, including drones, 3D printers, wearables and… Read more

​save time, buy a magazine ;-)


Of course, but there is nothing like having a real magazine at your fingertips!


anyone still buy magazines.. internet for free...

daver77 90's :) Save more money, browse the many gadget websites

6 issues of Auto Express for £1 @ Magazine Subscriptions
Found 1st Sep 2015Found 1st Sep 2015
Cover price is £2.60 so you pay £1 instead of £15.60 Also for £1 you can have 3 issues of FourFourTwo or 3 issues of Stuff (with a gift)



Check if your local public library offers Zinio for Libraries - I download this totally free of charge every week from my local library.


Heat added.


Not really a deal as its always on and often with cash back from the likes of quidco but not at the moment. Google. It as well and get a free gift. Oddly auto express are now telling people to use their free app now no need for a subscription either but haven't tried it out yet.


Direct Link - Auto Express Stuff FourFourTwo

Magazine trial subscription deals. Free gifts + profits :)
Found 15th Jul 2015Found 15th Jul 2015
After seeing the National Geographic magazine deals on here, I took a look at some trial deals available, using a combination of trial offers, free gifts and flogging them online, … Read more

And maybe a little less sarcasm when you comment on people's posts would go a long way.


OK - my last one on this topic, as you clearly have the blinkers on. You specify a price or a price range in your listing. Your post simply needs to recognise that you don't sell on ebay without charges - a £15 sale for example will incur £2.21 fees (Paypal & Ebay combined) - which is not insignificant - so maybe give a little heads up on that - and don't be so precious when someone points out an oversight on your listing.


PlanetP, take time to read both the post and what you have written. Of course the profits are approximate because how do you know what the selling price will be if you sell something on auction? I'm sure I don't need to explain this to you. Some people. What is it they say? 'If you can't say something nice...'


Heat for taking the time to post


Yes - I use them all the time - that's why I am pointing out that your profits assume you don't pay any Yes - I use them all the time - that's why I am pointing out that your profits assume you don't pay any. So your profits aren't approx at all - get it? Or do you need it demonstrated on an abacus?

2 x Magazine Subscriptions starting at £2 + free Mini Eggs
Found 22nd Mar 2015Found 22nd Mar 2015
If you purchase any two magazine subscriptions from before 31st March you'll receive a free tube of Cadbury's Mini Eggs while stocks last. I've rang the… Read more
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Looking at the picture on their website, the mini eggs look like they are the ones that are 3 for £1 in Tescos at the moment.

Viz mag Trial Offer (3 Issues for a £1) @ Magazine Subscriptions
Found 15th Jan 2015Found 15th Jan 2015
Viz is Britain's 3rd (possibly 4th) funniest magazine with regular features including Roger's Profanisauras, Letterbocks and Viz Top Tips. Get Classic Viz favourites and waste some… Read more
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Thanks :D


PERFECT, you just saved me some time looking for the cancellation option. Cheers.


same here, I often dare to read the top tps on the train but always regret it as I'm convulsing with silent laughter tears streaming


You sound like Roger Irrelevant.......... ;)


Viz has most definitely had a second wind with their posts on FB imo. Some of the letters crack me up big time. I have to be careful at work; it's too obvious I'm not sometimes!!

STUFF magazine 3 issues for £1 (33p each) @ Magazine Subscriptions (Three PM Ltd)
Found 15th Jan 2015Found 15th Jan 2015
33p a magazine delivered Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Better than T3 not that that's much of an endorsement....


Need to let first £1 DD be collected then cancel. You'll have notification of when payment will be collected so can put it in your diary.


15.75% tcb too? (admittedly only 15p!)


Think you can cancel it now, when I signed up to this offer before I cancled straight away!


Good deal. Signed up, better put a reminder in to cancel the dd though

Men's Fitness Magazine 5 issues for £5 (£1 each) @ Magazine Subscriptions (Three PM Ltd)
Found 15th Jan 2015Found 15th Jan 2015
My first post so take it easy on me £5 for 5 printed editions delivered. £1 an issue if anyone struggles with maths. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Didn't these deals use to be £3 issues for a pound. Not so good I'm afraid so cold from me.


15% Quidco also What are terms and conditions for exit ?


Are you able to cancel after the 5 issues?

Klorane gift set £3 when you subscribe to homes and gardens magazine (cancel after free gift arrives)
Found 8th Oct 2014Found 8th Oct 2014
Subscribe to homes and gardens first 3 issues £3 ( cancel when free gift arrives) and you don't pay anymore. Receive a free gift of klorane worth £26.50. Klorane Laboratories, a p… Read more

Klorane gift only available to customers who take out the first follow on price of 12 issues for £29.99.


Klorane gift only available to customers who take out the first follow on price of 12 issues for £29.99. I think you don't get the gift until after your second direct debit?

4 editions of heat magazine  for £1 trial price.
Found 19th Sep 2014Found 19th Sep 2014
Heat magazine offer is back. 4 editions for £1 trial price.

Shame :(


looks like it has expired. offer no longer there :-(


As soon as direct debt amount is taken, just cancel the direct debt via online banking


I think they just send u the 4 editions then it's stopped anyway.


Can you cance after the 4 editions?

Computer Shopper £1 PRINT EDITION3 Issue Trial Offer @ Magazine Subscriptions
Found 15th Jul 2014Found 15th Jul 2014
Computer Shopper gives you independent buying advice, hundreds of product reviews and all the hints and tips a PC owner needs. Please note that there is no DVD edition available wi… Read more

It never ends.


Free as an e-magazine through many public libraries. Ask your central library or check out their website.


Good deal .. I haven't read it for years


This, again?!

MacUser Magazine (Print Edition) - 5 issues for £3 @
Found 22nd Feb 2014Found 22nd Feb 2014
Shelf price is £6 each. Current promo allows 5 issues for £3 trial, once payment has been taken from your bank you can cancel the subs so you pay nothing more, unless you want to … Read more

Well said. Neither is better than the other


Opinion isn't fact mind, you're aware of this? You prefer macs. Others prefer PCs. There are numerous strong points and weaknesses of both. Leave it at that.


This magazine comes out fortnightly. There isn't enough going on in the computer world, let alone the Mac side of things, to properly fill the pages out with anything but fluff. The same repeated 'reviews' of Apple's limited line up of hardware gets old pretty quick.


p.s. heat given v. good offer!


The problem is that a mac is always gonna be better than a pc. Even if the price is more you only get what you pay for and thats ultimate quality. Until a pc user tries this will they know what they are missing out on......Sent on my macbook pro!!!