Magellan Maestro 4010 Sat Nav NOW JUST £19.99 @ Sainsburys
Magellan Maestro 4010 Sat Nav NOW JUST £19.99 @ Sainsburys

Magellan Maestro 4010 Sat Nav NOW JUST £19.99 @ Sainsburys

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Popped into my local Sainsburys and they are now doing this at £19.99.

I know this deal was published before at 29.99 but I thought i'd let you know.

Good luck.


well no where had any in stock when i rung up and thats when they were £29.99, so have they had new stock?

If the OP can get me one, I'd be up for it. Plus postage obviously. I'm sure others would too.


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Not sure. I went into the Farnham brach yesterday and picked one up. It's not too bad either. They still had 4 or 5 on the shelf. So I gather they are about, just a matter of searching I suppose.

where was your local store please


yeah same, if OP can get me one ill pay about £30, ie the unit £20+£3-4 delivered+£5 profit for yourself.

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I'll pop in again today and see what I can do.

excellent appreciated. ill happily say £30 id pay you, as means you make a bit out of it too, like a little thank you

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Right girls & boys. I've been researching for you this is what I have come up with....

Walton On Thames have 6 (01344 360 727)
Bagshot Road Bracknell have 3 (01344 360 727)
Clapham Common have 2 (0207 498 9396)
Fairfield Park have 9 (01234 363 150)
Kiln Lane have 7 (01372 74 52 40)
Islington have 3 (0207 278 1789)
Horsham have 4 (01403 272 241)
Watchmoor Park Camberley have 1 (01276 676 829)

Don't say I don't do anything for ya lol.

If I can grab another i'll let u know.

great find, didn't have any locally but got a store 60 miles away to send one to them, also when checking availability do not specify sat nav, as it is on sainsburys computer system as a bluetooth set !!

Nice work, crazyhorse1

many thanks! none near me, like last time i checked!
So if you can get another, ill defo have it off you.

Cheers h&r deintetely added!

Dagnit fast people in Farnham..both stores empty

None at Bracknell - claim didn't have them earlier today either.

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Strange one blackrat, Bagshot Road def had 3. They were called from the Farnham store to double check and they verified they had 3 units available.

I will take one at £30 delivered if someone is buying in bulk.
Could i be cheeky and get 2, one for a work colleague ?



2 left in whole country


east kilbride as some town beggin with a c

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Tell you what, i'm gonna shoot to Horsham this eve (before Chelsea game of course lol) and see if I can grab the 4 they have there.


Sainsbury's Care Line (freephone) 0800 636 262


Tell you what, i'm gonna shoot to Horsham this eve (before Chelsea game … Tell you what, i'm gonna shoot to Horsham this eve (before Chelsea game of course lol) and see if I can grab the 4 they have there.

ace! hopefully you get all 4!

awesome deal crazyhorse, have just collected mine from epsom store

thanks for posting, heat and rep given :thumbsup:

Even 29.90 was cheap !

I'm from Portugal and the cheapest GPS you can get is for 100 EURO !

I just called my local Sainsburys and asked for the electrical dept. I asked have you a product called Magellan and that it may be listed as a bluetooth device. The girl asked me "is it a sat nav?" and I said yes. She went to check, and came back telling me that the only sat navs they do are Binatone and something else I had never heard of and that they didnt stock anything Magellan. Funny that she asked straight away if it was a sat nav, especially as Magellan are not such a well known mainstream brand (to the average Joe anyway)

Has to be one of the best deals ever for the lucky few who can get hold of one....

Silly question, but is it any good?

Review here: whatcar.com/new…099

Handy just for the bluetooth if nothing else

I phoned my local store and I had to tell them that it wasn't a Sat Nav and just to do a general search on Magellan. They didn't have any but they did say there was 1 in stock in Northwich, if that is of use to anyone.

I just picked one up from Sainsurys Chippenham along with a Tom Tom Go 510 for the same price!!!!!!! :-D:-D:-D

Equaliser, did they have any more?

If anyone could buy one for me, I would pay postage, plus profit.

Lucky you.

Went to my local store nothing came up on their computer for the area at all.

@Equaliser01, if you can get another Tom Tom Go 510 for me would give you £30 delivered.

Does anyone know if you can put tomtom on the maestro via SD card?

Just about to go down there. Apparently, the only tomtom left is reserved for staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been in the Bracknell branch.

The display area for SatNavs has each brand/model in individual cubby holes each behind perspex. There were none that had megellan shelf edge labels (all cubby holes had lables on them) so even if they had 3 earlier today I don't believe they were ever out on display

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The cubby holes are for main stream products such as mobile phones, tom tom and ipods. The Farnham branch has a seperate glass cabinet with things like house phones and sale type items.

Double check because in my experience from Sainsburys and various deals the staff seem to know absolutely jack sh*t about anything.

@ Pulse Turbo - They are not allowed to retain products fo staff over paying customers. If the head office knew they were doing that there would be uproar. A branch is not allowed to put staff first (even tho they probably do behind closed doors.)

If she actually said this to you then you have a very strong argument. I gotta say mate, i think this deal is worth ANY argument lol.

******, I've just got back, and I thought that might be the case, but didn't argue it.

I got a Magellan, anyway, so I'm happy

I was at East Kilbride, Scotland where I was told they got a delivery today of 12!! surprise surprise !! it was the wrong one they had Binatone at £79.99 but she did give me a gift card for £10 for my troubles.

Left rep for the OP. Very deserved!

Bracknell store has recently been extended. The Satnav cubby hole display had loads of different models in it ranging from binatone, Navman S50, right up to Tomtom XL range. Its also separate to the mobile phones, ipods etc which have their own display stands elsewhere

anyone know of any in Scotland left on the shelves ?

I'm selling a Binatone A350 with UK plus Ireland maps for £60 delievered I got as a gift the 2 days ago. Come with 12 months guarantee from Argos. Unfortunately they won't accept a return as it's excluded from their 30 days money back scheme:x
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