Magic Made Fun (Nintendo DS) just £4.98 Delivered @ Gameplay (£4.54 after Quidco)

Magic Made Fun (Nintendo DS) just £4.98 Delivered @ Gameplay (£4.54 after Quidco)

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This is a great idea for anyone you know interested in magic such as a son,daughter etc.

A deal similar to this was posted months ago @ Game but thought i'd let people know Gameplay currently have it at £4.98.

It is £4.97 @ PowerPlay Direct but not as much quidco on offer.

Did you know Nintendo DS was magic? It is now, as making magic first teaches users how to perform incredible magic and card tricks, then acts as an assistant as they perform for others. Once users learn how to secretly read the enclosed cards, they'll become master magicians in no time.

Unique magic tricks - possible only on the Nintendo DS - stun your audience in to saying "How'd you do that?" Become the master of your DS as you learn, perform and amaze your friends and family. The secrets of magic are now yours to behold!

Amaze, and be amazed! Many of the tricks are auto-performing, so users will be wowed long before they learn how it's done. Once they do, they can hand the DS off and watch others be amazed as well.


* Step-by-step tutorials let you unlock the mystery of more than 20 tricks.
* Three individual modes make this game fun solo or with friends.
* A "special" deck of cards packaged with the game creates a fully portable magic kit. Now the fun extends beyond your Nintendo DS.
* Interactive tricks make the DS your magic assistant. Draw; speak; tap; instruct; and blow in to the microphone to astonish your audience.
* The learning curve keeps growing: unlock new tricks as you advance in skill.

Remember quidco too in order to get 44p off ;-)

Enjoy ;-)


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So this deal is ok - voted hot.

Cheers stevey :)......HOT

My 8 year old has this and enjoys it. One for younger kids though, I don't think it will keep older kids amused. It's a game you dip into now and again as opposed to one which you play for hours on end. It's often £5 at Game too - though showing at £15 on the website at the moment.

Just noting this is what all the "Magic Tricks" on the DSi Shop at the moment are based on. So it's a much better idea just to get this rather than bother with wasting DSi Points on the single tricks.

P.S. I know DSiWare is almost entirely crap at the moment; best to save those points till after E3 (I predict big things...)

If you cant get one for here for some reason like out of stock
choices uk are ding this for a a fiver 2

Ordered. Rep and heat added!
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