magical star sign ds game £5.99 delivered at gamestation

magical star sign ds game £5.99 delivered at gamestation

Found 8th Aug 2008
Five great planets make up the Baklava solar system. These planets include Razen, the fire planet; Gren, the wood planet; Puffoon, the wind planet; Cassia, the water planet; and Erd, the earth planet. Each planet has its own unique geography and civilisation. However, there is another planet tucked away in the far edges of the system, called Kovomaka.

Kovomaka is known as the magic planet. Magic has always been at the centre of its civilisation, and graduates of Kovomaka's esteemed Will o' Wisp Academy go on to make great contributions to the planet's culture and politics.

One day, the head of the school, Principal Biscotti, received some unsettling news. A man calling himself Master Kale - a former student at the school - is bent on executing a sinister and far-reaching plan to bring about the destruction of the Baklava system.

Miss Madeleine, a respected and powerful teacher at Will O' Wisp magical academy, is the one chosen by the Principal to save the day. She tells her students that she will undertake a dangerous mission in space and trains them for combat should the need arise. After not hearing from her for some time, the kids stumble upon a hangar of rocket ships. One by one, they board individual ships and crash-land on distant planets alone. The player hops from planet to planet assembling the group of classmates. Once together, they learn of the evil Master Kale and his ambitions to destroy reality, and set out to stop him.

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