Magical Starsign [Nintendo DS] from Simply Games - £9.00 (+4% Quidco)

Magical Starsign [Nintendo DS] from Simply Games - £9.00 (+4% Quidco)

Found 5th Apr 2008
Simply Games are selling "Magical Starsign" for the Nintendo DS for £9.00 (inc Del.)

You can get cashback through the usual sites (e.g. 4% Quidco, making it just £8.64)

The next best prie seems to be £11.99 from SoftUK.


Prepare to enter a vibrant, world where the position of the planets affects the power of your magic!The students of Will O' Wisp magical academy have a little problem: Their teacher has mysteriously disappeared. After commandeering a handful of rockets to rescue her, they've wound up on a strange (and sometimes scary) adventure through outer space. Now players must rescue both their classmates and their teacher - and just maybe the whole solar system while they're at it.In Magical Starsign, players begin their quests as students at a magical academy. As they progress through the game, they will travel to new lands and cities, fight monsters to earn experience points and buy weapons, armour and items from shops. Characters will gain levels and power as they earn more and more experience points. Later in the game, players become free to wander and explore the world.Multiplayer amigo dungeon and tag mode extend game play by giving players a unique 'amigo' dungeon they can explore with a total of six people. Additionally, tag mode allows players to exchange data with one another and grow unique 'egg' characters that slowly grow and hatch over time.

- Full touch screen control
- Multiplayer modes enable up to 6 players to explore dungeons together or trade useful items
- Extensive magic system that can be used in battles and solve riddles during exploration

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