Magimix Nespresso M100 Automatic Coffee Maker (White) - £60.00 - Amazon (plus £40 Nespresso giftcard)

Magimix Nespresso M100 Automatic Coffee Maker (White) - £60.00 - Amazon (plus £40 Nespresso giftcard)

Found 29th Oct 2013
Simple Nespresso machine, now available at its lowest ever price according to camelcamelcamel. Would probably make a nice Christmas gift for someone who likes coffee and wants an easy to maintain way to get their daily caffeine fix that's miles better than instant coffee.

The £40 free gift card offer has also started again so that makes this coffee machine even more of a bargain. I'd personally get the 'Welcome 150 Offer' from the Nespresso website that effectively becomes £5 after the giftcard and gives you an assortment of 150 capsules and a nice acrylic cube to store/display your capsules in too.

Link to form for gift card:…7Fj
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I love Nespresso, but this is one of the lowest spec machines. And also there is now a "coffee voucher" offer at the moment.
We bought this machine for £75 (machine for work, already had one at home), but got £50 Nespresso voucher back. I would suggest people wait for the offer to come back.
What's so low spec about it ? It's automatic. The only thing it doesn't do is ristretto (a bit specialist IMO) and no flip up for tall glasses. I have one of these at home and a manual Krups at work.

Agree though wait for a £40 credit offertory appear though no doubt the price will go up again. I got the Krups for a tenner effectively after such an offer and counting debenhams voucher and cashback.
£40 offer is up and running so it's basically £20 for the machine with a load of coffee! Have the Lattissma+ at home so bought this for work on Friday. The above comment is right about the spec. It's same quality same speed and same temperature for Americanos and espressos. It's a brilliant wee machine and probably the best nespresso deal possible.
Now £70, I've ordered it from Lakeland for £59.99 although out of stock until 29th November
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