Magna Carta [PS2] - £4.96 + QuidCo
Magna Carta [PS2] - £4.96 + QuidCo

Magna Carta [PS2] - £4.96 + QuidCo

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Found this be doing a random search on uWish. This price isn't showing up on Find-Games or GamesTracker, the next best price showing being SoftUK at £18.99.

I'm sure getting a decent and rather unknown RPG for £4.96 is interesting to some.


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Thanks for this. Hadn't heard of this before but as it gets some good reviews we went for it.

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Seem it was a bit of a wasted effort posting this and the other 2, but I'm glad at least one person (apart from myself) went for it. :thumbsup:

uWish also have Primal for £2.96 (posted before) and kill.switch for £3.96, if you want any more cheap PS2 games.

I don't know why some people are voting cold on this, I really don't. It was negative when i heated it up, and then when I checked a while ago someone else has voted cold! You really can't go wrong with an RPG for £4.96. I imagine you'd be struggling to get this anywhere else.

Don't be disheartened by some people voting cold Tune Up, there will nearly always be someone on here who will appreciate any good offers like this.

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood is a generally unremarkable game that manages to pull itself together thanks to its story and interesting characters. Score: 7.1 (good) [url]


Primal gets better reviews:

Primal's gameplay isn't quite as engaging as the game's presentation, but overall, Primal is still easily recommended to those who enjoy exploring their games and not just plowing through them. Score: 7.9 (Good) [url]


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I suppose it isn't surprising Atelier Iris 2 + Free OST for £9.99 and Steambot Chronicles for £8.96 are voted -10 if this for £5 was at one point!

Magna Carta can't be that bad, it has a sequel coming out for the 360. The main fault expert reviews seem to pick with it is the reported poor voice acting and linear story.

Primal and Magna Carta are all great PS2 bargains. I would add kill.switch to that but it's now out of stock.

Thank you

have voted hot and repped
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