Magna Tiles 100 piece pack - £87.99 Sold by Valtech LLC and Fulfilled by Amazon

Magna Tiles 100 piece pack - £87.99 Sold by Valtech LLC and Fulfilled by Amazon

Found 22nd Oct 2013
I have kept my eye on these after rave reviews and they have come down in price from £157 & at its highest, £197. You can also get the translucent pack for £94.99 delivered.

I've ordered the translucent set for our main present to the children this Christmas. We've decided to buy one big present that will last many years and this is this years.

It is an American toy and have high reviews across the web. They are basically tiles with magnets in, allowing for lots of open ended play and easy construction.

Hope this helps someone.


Magna-Tiles® Easily Connect for Hours of Open-Ended Play
Create Cubes, Pyramids, and Other Geometric Shapes - Think in 3-D!
Be Creative with Imaginative, Hands-On Play to Build Anything You Can Imagine!
Develop Math, Science, Spatial and Tactile Skills
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Still too expensive for what they are and the rrp is $110 which is around £69 so not much of a deal, it looks like Amazon are the only UK stockists.
Don't be surprised if they make a bat to hit you with X)
these are good but no way could I ever justify that price the $110 price tag pretty crazy! there's a reason why some things don't make it across the pond I'm afraid.
I think they are very over priced! They are a good idea but i cant see it being long until the boredom would kick in with my own kids, I think i would end up making more stuff out of then them.
We have had these for years - my kids got them as toddlers and are now 6 and 8. They are brilliant, easily the most played with toy. I teach Y3-6 and in my experience everyone loves them. You can make really amazing models with them, plus you can learn loads about solid shapes and about shapes tessellating. The magnets mean they always align perfectly so even very young children can make really cool things with them. My kids make castles, zoos for play animals, beds for can make tetrahedrons. They are expensive and you need a lot to make it worthwhile but they are worth it. Practically indestructible too.
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