Magners Cider 500ml £3.13 for 4 @ Sainsburys
Magners Cider 500ml £3.13 for 4 @ Sainsburys

Magners Cider 500ml £3.13 for 4 @ Sainsburys

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Just got a full crate for £18.78! That's half the usual price...a bargain if you like the stuff! Stock up for Christmas!

This was Sainburys Local where I live...not sure if the offer is on in the main stores.


I pay £8 for 12 from morrisons but they only the 440ml cans, think this works out bout the same a little dearer but a little more magners! HOT!!!!

ASDA do the 2l bottles for £2 just now.

ASDA do ONE litre bottles for £2...

Since when did supermarkets let you split cases into 4-packs?

Title should be for the case price, not what a 4 pack works out as.... as it is misleading.


Confusing thread.
Is it 4 x 500ml cans for £3.13 or 24 x 500ml cans for £18.78?

*Bump* anyone know how the deal is made up? O.P. Can you possibly give more details on the deal please like how you got 4 for £3.13?

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Sainsbury's are selling 4 cans for £3.13, working out at £18.78 for a 24 can crate...thought I'd do the math to help out.

They weren't selling by the crate...I just asked them to get me one from the stores...cheapest I've managed to find it anywhere.


ASDA do ONE litre bottles for £2...

You're right, of course! But boy do they do a good job of making them look big so it looks like you're getting more for your money! A 1l bottle of Evian looks much smaller.

brilliant will grab some tomorrow hopefully. is this nationwide?

this was only your store by the looks of it mate, I checked and they weren't on offer here (Fareham)

if Safc-chick is correct with the deal he/she posted then

that one is :

£1.52 / litre

and this one is

£1.57 / litre

not much i know but still is cheaper

edit: just realised this deal is quite old now so proebrly doesn't even exist

need to expire some of these old stuff if so...
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