Magners cider 8x500ml for £7 at Asda

Magners cider 8x500ml for £7 at Asda

Found 25th Feb 2011
Instore at the bromsgrove store.

Originally £5.44p for 4 or £7.00p for 8.

Quite a good deal if you like it.


Is the canned version the same as the bottled?
I usually stock up when ASDA have it for £2 a litre bottle but maybe those days are gone now.
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Some say it tastes different however I haven't noticed.

All personal tastes I guess.

The Asda website says this deal is for packs of 4 x 500ml cans. If so this deal beats the current Tesco deal of 12 x 440ml cans for £10.00.

However, if the Asda deal is indeed for packs of 4 x 440ml cans then Tesco is cheaper.


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You are correct about it being 500ml cans.
I just checked.

So better than tesco :-)

The Axminster Co-op still has packs of 6 x 568ml bottles of Magners for £6.00. Obviously that's about the same price per pint as the deal posted here, but better because it's bottles. However, this deal doesn't appear to be in all Co-op stores, as these packs were a lot more in an Exeter store I visited yesterday.


Also packs of 8 x 568ml bottles of Magners are part of the 2 for £16 deal starting tomorrow at Tesco, so again this works out at £1.00 per pint.


For anyone who's interested, packs of 4 x 500ml cans of Bulmers Original are on offer at around this price as well. Sainsburys have the packs as part of their 3 for £10 offer, so £1.66 per litre / 97p per pint. The packs are 2 for £7.00 at the Co-op and £3.56 each at Asda.

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