Magners Light 4x330ml for only £1.75 @ Asda

Magners Light 4x330ml for only £1.75 @ Asda

LocalFound 10th Oct 2009
No idea why they are this cheap, same ABV. They taste a bit different to regular Magners but they are still Magners if you get what I mean.

Found in Wolverhampton Asda, was not a rollback, just had a regular white shelf label.

Only 92 calories a bottle (if that matters to any of you).
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Less sugar and calories a bottle, you still get suitably wasted though :thumbsup:
Magners Light has the same abv as the regular brand, 4.5%, but fewer calories - 28 per 100ml, which is said to be less than leading “light” beers.
Indeed, I actually quite like the stuff.
Just got 4 packs from the Edinburgh store, none on shelf but they had tones in the back.
Fantastic! Enjoy
heat and rep.
Is this offer still on?
my local seems to have stopped selling the stuff altogether
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