magners original cider x 6 bottles at £3.99 from Aldi

magners original cider x 6 bottles at £3.99 from Aldi

Found 16th Dec 2014
aldi have these reduced from 5.99 to 3.99 even at 5.99 think thats good but at this price gotta be worth a stock up, oh yeah go easy on me plz as its my first deal

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    What are the size of the bottles?
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    568ml soz should of stated that
    Must be shifting old stock then?Think they seem to all be 500ml now.
    I'd like to wish all my friends a very Magners Cider and a happy new year

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    yeah might not be national picked them up in anerley se london if anyones near by
    Already posted
    already posted .
    Good deal, i like magners mmmmmm
    Good deal but this has been posted by myself and another op two days ago.
    great deal, they certainly don't go much cheaper than this
    to good to miss must have a look
    Nice post.
    Still £5.99 in Wakefield store (batley road)
    Not as nice as the pear but still a great price.
    Still advertised as £5.99 in Cambridge, but scans at £3.99
    Should say that price also applies to the Pear cider - which is much nicer imo
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