Magnetix Combo 275 Piece Supercase - £24.99 (50% off) + Free Magnetix 50 Piece Primary

Magnetix Combo 275 Piece Supercase - £24.99 (50% off) + Free Magnetix 50 Piece Primary

Found 1st Nov 2006
Another great offer from Argos on Magnetix !!

Buy the Magnetix Combo 275 Piece Supercase which is reduced from £49.99 to £24.99 and get the Magnetix 50 Piece Primary (worth £9.99) absolutely FREE. To receive offer add both products to trolley. Offer ends December 24th 2006.

Offer available via only in-store collection. Reserve online and collect in-store.

Magnetix Combo 275 Piece Supercase : Build countless shapes for endless hours of fun with this cool 275 piece set | Assortment includes special parts, balls, rods, squares, triangle panels and curves | Comes in a silver metal case for storage | For ages 6 years and over.

Magnetix 50 Piece Primary : Discover wonders of creativity with this 50 piece set of rods and balls | Assorted primary colours which join together to create shapes, vehicles and animals | For ages 6 years and over.


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[COLOR=black]Add both item to basket to get for £24.99 [/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]Magnetix Combo 275 Piece Supercase[/COLOR] : £24.99 (was £49.99)

[COLOR=darkred]Magnetix 50 Piece Primary[/COLOR] : £9.99

I could be wrong, but i think that the deal which enables you to get the free 50 piece set lasts until December 24th, BUT the footnote at the bottom of the xmas megadeals homepage reads "All offers subject to availability. Offers end Tuesday 7th November 2006" - don't know if this is of any help ...


However thanks to the efforts of previous forum contributers, i was able to use the 10.00 voucher (gained through the fabulous playstation package deal) bringing my purchase price down to 14.99!! (not bad for 59.99 worth of magnetix)

Just bought the glow in the dark pack and got the primary pack for free, totalling £14.99. Argos are having some cracking deals this year. If I had seen this I would have gone for this.

They seem to have plenty of stock of these packs, it was showing as 40 available earlier in my local store.

Cheers for another great deal.

Yes, i was sorely tempted by all the magnetix and most of the knex offers; fate was keeping an eye on my budget though....95% is sold out from all of the 10 or so Argos stores in about a 25 miles radius of us!!

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Thanks Jelli89

I think the half-price offer ends on 7th Nov whereas the FREE 50 piece set offer ends on 24th Dec. Meaning, after 7th Nov, you will pay £49.99 for the 275 piece set + get the Free 50 piece set as well.

Thanks for the feedback Caesar
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