Magnetix I-Coaster @ Amazon only £49.71 (RRP £79.99)

Magnetix I-Coaster @ Amazon only £49.71 (RRP £79.99)

Found 25th Sep 2008
Was searching the internet looking for the cheapest place to buy the I-Coaster for my son (wasn't willing to pay £79.99), and stumbled upon this. For some reason it's listed twice on (this one is priced as £79.99 -

Only difference I can see with the two listed are that one is the new MagNext brandname, and the other is under Magnetix.

Product Features

* Build 10 suggested thrilling coaster configurations or apply your own creativity for infinite more designs
* Easy to assemble towers, tracks, sensors, stunts and Magnetic Elevator
* Place the sensors along the tracks, turn on the "Sound FX Music Studio
* Create your mix of tunes and effects
* Plug in your iPod/MP3 into the "Music Studio for your own music selections
* Watch the ball glide up the track, crank up the volume and enjoy hyper stunts
* Stunts include: Magnetic U-turn, Trampoline, 360° Loop, Magnetic Bridge, 360° Spin, Helicoid Twist and Turn
* Suitable for ages 6+
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Wasn't this originally posted last night?
yeah it was pulled though...dunno why
i can't find this at £49.71. it comes up as £80. can anyone send me a direct link. Thanks
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