Magnext I-Coaster was £79.99 now £19.99 instore at Tesco

Magnext I-Coaster was £79.99 now £19.99 instore at Tesco

Found 10th Mar 2009
Picked one of these up for my little boy's birthday this morning at Tesco in Swansea. Not sure if it is nationwide and still showing £78 online.
Defy gravity and dazzle your friends with the award-winning MagNext iCoaster. This incredibly creative 64-piece kit combines magnetic stunt tracks with a perpetual magnetic elevator, resulting in a rollercoaster where the fun never stops.
Easy and quick to assemble, the eighteen sleek tracks snap together with light-up sensors, adjustable towers and seven hyper stunts to give the five magnetic marbles the ride of their life.
Check out the ten suggested track configurations, or experiment with your own risky, physics-powered designs. To complete the experience, turn on one of 20 background music tracks or plug in your own MP3 player.


i think this was on the gadget show last night. looked quality!

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Was it? Didn't see it on there but saw the deal and thought it was worth 20 quid. Just dreading setting it up now!

There are two different ones - Magnetix & Magnext. I don't know what the differences are because they look almost identical
The Magnetix one is still about £80 on Amazon, but the Magnext is about £45.

So its not really £79.99 as the starting price, but it's still a good price tho'.

anyone know if this is nationwide dont really wanna go tesco if i dont have to, as i never seem to find many the deals on here ! not in my stores. but saw this on gadget show and thought looks a good laugh for an afternoon and at £20 id rush out to get one tonite but £45 from amazons not too bad. anyone know the difference in version was it just rebranding ?
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