Magnum Classic 8 pack £3 Tesco

Magnum Classic 8 pack £3 Tesco

Found 20th Jul 2016
Pack of 8 Magnum Classic for £3.00 in Tesco. If there are any left after 2 hot days.
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Personally thought this was a good price for 8! heat from me!
The post for 4 Magnums for £1.75 got a load of heat. Not sure why this is not. Thank you
Not sure why this post is cold £3 Good price for 8 Magnums especially when 4 for £1.70ish normally goes hot

LIDL slightly larger Magnum Replicas are currently £2.09 for 8 pack (last day of offer)
XXL 8 Gelatelli Ice cream Lollies 8x120ml £2.09 (Almond, Classic, Strawberry Crisp)
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They are £2.99 for 8 in farm foods. Both the classic and the white ones.
I don't eat them anymore... just sit on the box... too fracking hot
good find op, heat added
Ya forget how badass a classic magnum is. After having tried all the fancy schmancy double nut/choc/mint/gold/horse variants sometimes a plain old classic is just the ticket

Heat from me
Edited by: "TN567" 23rd Jul 2016
Been this price for at least 3 weeks (buy them every week lol).
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