Magnusson 1200mm Spirit Level Half Price £13.99 at B&Q

Magnusson 1200mm Spirit Level Half Price £13.99 at B&Q

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Found 24th Jul 2010
This seems like a pretty good deal for a 1200mm spirit level - alright, it's not a Stabila, but at this price it shouldn't be compared to one!

There's also the little one (300mm) for £5.99. For some reason the mid-sized one (600mm) is not reduced, and is more expensive than the other two put together - not sure what the logic behind that is!
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Stabila is not that good! Have run through, (literaly in one case), three in two years, H section ally' is great, but their lower end stuff is equal to the rest of the market, but still demands a higher price. this looks a comparable level at a better price, now to persuade those who get paid better because they have done a course that talk bullocks to listen oO
Bought one of these a couple of days ago and it's great quality.
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