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Magzter Online Magazine Annual Sub - 4000+ mags
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Magzter Online Magazine Annual Sub - 4000+ mags
Access to over 4000+ magazines for a year for £49.99. Due to the company being in the USA British vat will need to added, making it £59.98 - (annual price shouls be £119.98) You… Read more

Sorry and thanks, post updated.


Well you could click on the link and have a look for yourself! Anyway, it looks much the same selection (that would interest me anyway) - although I see "Viz" and "Custom PC" so Dennis Publishing must have more in their as well, an omission from Readly I have to say. And this lot say 4000+ mags where Readly say they have 2304 mags, so quite a difference really. edit: oooh, MAD magazine as well - I think I'll double up on this, my Readly year special is up in a couple of months anyway. edit again: better synopsis than I can come up with here (outdated slightly maybe?) edit again: OK, so no MAD magazine, that's only to buy - so it's like Amazon Prime to Readly's Netflix.... And I see they want a tenner extra if you want to share with 4 family members, even though it is normally the same price! Shameless they are lol! OMG!!! Just went through the sign up - GBP 71.99 GBP 60 + Service Tax (20%) GBP 71.99 There's your total lol to share with 4 other people. Sorry OP, you'll need to update the fact the price is subject to VAT. And you will be charged in dollars so that's more money if you don't have a fee free card.


Share with four other users.


What's the selection like compared to readly (which allows five individuals user per account anyway...)


Good stuff for heavy users. Wonder if you can share accounts across devices.

1 Year subscription to Magzter Gold (digital editions of magazines). Usually £79.99 on offer at only £49.99
Found 1st Dec 2015Found 1st Dec 2015
1 Year subscription to Magzter Gold (digital editions of magazines). Usually £79.99 on offer at only £49.99
Magzter is a site that allows access to the digital edition of 1,000s of magazines including UK and international versions (think Netflix for magazines). There are a few notable … Read more

Well I tried :)


Got this - good stuff! Enough magazines included in the sub to peak my interest. Be warned some of the listed magazines have a separate subscription.

Magzter - All you can eat magazine subscription £9.99 pm
Found 20th Jan 2015Found 20th Jan 2015
Magzter - All you can eat magazine subscription £9.99 pm
Magzter is a digital magazine supplier. You can get access to a library of 2000 magazines for £9.99 a month. Apps on iOS and Android. Thousands of magazines from over 50 countr… Read more

Oh...not ALL magazines are free at all, luckily the ones I'm interested are.


Just want to report how dire this service is. After paying for a whole year of subscription, only to realise how bad the web site, Windows 8 metro app (or whatever its name is), Android app are. Web site - The user interface to flick through the pages is dam frustrating, after resizing the pages to fit my 12" laptop, each time you flick to another page, it resets to its original view size...Arrgggh!! W8 metro app - After installing this app from MarketPlace and have logged in using my Magzter account, it is still asking me to pay for the same magazine that I can view for free when I use the web site...WHY?!?!? Android - Not used much of it yet, but there is a huge (about 1/3 of your screen) showing a banner of advert which you can hardly browse the magazines. Geez, wish I had played with this before parting my money. Let's hope playing with this for a few more days will help me to familiarise the applications. Not impressed so far.


Another alternative is READR, although it's only available for Ipads on IOS/Itunes at present. It's £7.99 per month and (for my needs) has a great range of mags, including Uncut, NME, Custom PC, Computer Shopper, Viz, Micro Mart, Auto Express, PC Pro, plus many others to suit a wide range of interests.


I subscribed through iTunes.


Mmmmm!! Just about to subscribe and noticed their payment page is not secure, doesn't really me the confidence to go ahead with entering my credit card details :(

Top Gear India Edition in Full English 12 months subscription £6.58 @ Magzter
Found 19th Feb 2014Found 19th Feb 2014
Top Gear India Edition in Full English 12 months subscription £6.58 @ Magzter
I believe this is basically the same as the UK edition which is a lot dearer to purchase from any digital magazine site. I have purchased and I am very happy with it. Got to be wor… Read more

That's the price it came up for me when I subscribed. They may have put the price up slightly? .....still a good deal considering the uk version is at least £25


Great deal! How do you get it for £6.58? I can moly see it for £7.49.


post does state it is digital!


it's not paper based


Only problem is if you have to deal with their customer services call centres...they steer you to those god awful UK call centres :p

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