Mahjong Wisdom - PC game for download - £1.25 @ Games for Windows
Mahjong Wisdom - PC game for download - £1.25 @ Games for Windows

Mahjong Wisdom - PC game for download - £1.25 @ Games for Windows

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That's not everyone's cup of tea but I hope some people will like it.

Embark on a journey through ancient China in this classic, story-filled mahjong adventure. The stunning gallery-quality art, three exciting game modes, and a dramatic storyline based on ancient Chinese tales all make Mahjong Wisdom one-of-a-kind. As you progress from level to level, a beautifully illustrated story is revealed, immersing you in an ever blossoming gaming experience. Mahjong Wisdom takes the classic table game to another dimension!


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Hate Majong - cold.

this is a brilliant game

takes a lot of foward thinking

Nice to see something on there for sale, everything else is rediculously overpriced (apart from the occassional sale on Batman: Arkham Asylum.)

this is just match the tiles!

why are there so few real mahjong games, like the way they play it in Hong Kong?!

looks fun enough to me, my wife used to love both these and the real game.

UTTER NIGHTMARE - you'd have to be a masochist with a spare half-day to buy from this website

What I found was a succession of hassles:
When you buy from the website you don't actually GET anything.
Instead you get told to install a special download client.

That download client won't run IF you have (Windows 7 with) the latest MS Live Essentials 2011 installed as it will say it's missing a key bit and then when you try to install it it'll claim you already have a later version installed so can't have it. (There is NO reference to this major bug/flaw anywhere on their sites/FAQs/help!)

If/when you get round that you may find - as I did - that the download client's idea of your LiveID & password is NOT in synch with all the other MS/Live/etc websites (or the site where you bought it from, well when I say "bought", I mean PAID but so far got zilch) - ie you probably need to reset your entire LiveID password. You'll only find this out after 5 phones calls to the (admittedly) 0800 helpline: (a) claims its closed and even recites the hours it's open, ie when you rang - ie opening hours = untrue; (b) can't help you, must have pressed the wrong menu choices; (c) cuts you off; (d) claims can't hear you; (e) eventually escalates to a supervisor who patiently worked through and decided an a/c password reset could solve it.

So half a day and HOURS later manage to get access to the Download!

Finally you get the chance to get at your download and to download it and try to install it. Only it goes through needing an Activation Key which it shows you part of the way through - and then it rejects the key later.

If this was worthwhile software I'd be FURIOUS at their operating SUCH a lousy, user-hostile, overly-long, naff system - geez you can buy £400 Office suite simpler than this - from MS resellers.

UTTERLY bizarre - have put it down to one of those experiences that reminds one why Microsoft have so few friends - and certainly NOT what you want for £1.25 - utter ARGH I so wish I hadn't seen this deal.


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Strange really, but I understand your frustration.

However, I did not experience any problems while downloading and using games from them (and I have a few). The title states its a game to download so I hope, nobody feels offended or misled. The client? ....hmmm...I think it's getting normal.Popular and quite reliable Steam platform also force users to install a client.That's the price we have got to pay if we do not want to pay for disks, boxes and p&p. I guess postage costs would not be much cheaper than the £1.25 Microsoft asks for that game...
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It's okay 7777777 it's NOT your fault you were helping share a bargain you'd spotted.
It's the setup for a NEW customer that was the hassle, ie their failures re:
a) so technically difficult/incompatible client;
b) getting their version of the ID/password out of synch with the rest of Microsoft
If only my folks weren't MahJong addicts, and moaning about their old software, I wouldn't have fallen into the time trap
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