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25% off when you Mix Six or more bottles of Rosé wine at Majestic Wine - Free standard delivery
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
25% off when you Mix Six or more bottles of Rosé wine. Free standard delivery when you buy 6 or more bottles too.

M&S were proudly displaying Rose today, and they seems to be more high prfile in all the supermarkets. It seems a marketing operation to sell more rose this Summer might be another Covid victim.


That’s their standard offering, on all the time. The individual bottles are deliberately overpriced to drive people towards buying a minimum of 6.

£20 off £60 spend at Majestic Wine. Free shipping on 6 bottle e.g Silver Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon Central Valley £4.99 a bottle WYB 6
362° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
£20 off a min spend of £60, for new accounts. They do free delivery from 6 bottles. With wine starting at a fiver you can even get 12 delivered for £40. Or buy some better wines th… Read more

Says this voucher code has expired when I try to redeem it on a new account :( Any more?



Where did this voucher come from had my order cancelled unless I can take a physical voucher to the store (shock)


No not the same ... really is a one time purchase ... 8 bottles arrived for me today no tie in... I have used the discount code every time they are issued .. using a different email address each time ... the dog has one now for the next Voucher !


Perfect this order !

£10 off for new customers plus free delivery on 6 bottles - prossecco frizzante 7 bottles for £31.93 delivered at Majestic
231° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Update 1
Update from merchant:

Excluded from Scotland and Wales due to minimum pricing laws
New customers £10 off on £40+ spend plus discounts on 6 bottles - excluded from Scotland and Wales due to minimum pricing laws prossecco frizzante £7.99 a bottle ,but when buying… Read more

Expired now :(


Yeah got more on different account last week :)


Still active and working this post. Heat added.


I already have five Majestic accounts. I don't want to set up any more. I am looking for a code to use with my existing accounts.


Great deal, thanks. My wine is on its way!

Majestic Up To 50% Off Wine Sale
69° Expired
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Majestic Up To 50% Off Wine Sale
SAVE UP TO 50% OFF MAJESTIC WINE SALE With Christmas behind us we’re now making room for even more exciting wines. Which means you can save up to 50%* in the Majestic January Sal… Read more
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This is going to make dry January harder. Thanks OP.

Black Friday: 25% OFF FINE WINE & £25.99 Taittinger @ Majestic Wine
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Black Friday: 25% OFF FINE WINE & £25.99 Taittinger @ Majestic Wine
I popped into my local Majestic and they are doing 25% OFF FINE WINE over Black Friday weekend. Definitely worth browsing if you are looking for some special wines at good prices… Read more
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Anyone got any Majestic codes for existing customers?

Glenfarclas 10 year old malt whisky £30 @ Majestic
155° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Glenfarclas 10 year old malt whisky £30 @ Majestic
My favourite malt. Perfect for these cold winter evenings. £30 from Majestic is a good price. The next best I can find is around £40 from Amazon. You can collect in store, or the… Read more

Indeed. :)


Eh... Kinda. That's the original meaning, yes, but the UK doesn't officially use proof as a measurement now, we just use ABV, so if you see proof on a bottle, or hear someone using the term, even in the UK, it'll probably mean the American measure - i.e. 2 x ABV.


In the UK 100 proof alcohol has 57.15% ABV ;)


The 10yr Glenfarclas is lovely, a gently sweet and warming dram. Its only downside is the 40%; every other Glenfarclas in the core range is at least 43%, which makes all the difference. For my money the 12yr is the best 'budget' whisky on the market - more readily available in mainland Europe unfortunately, but usually £30 for a litre! ...I picked up a 10yr Glenfarclas on Amazon during the Black Friday sales a couple of years ago for £24, may be worth keeping an eye open for it if you're interested.


Love the 105. Never had the ten year old tho.

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Free Aqualta prosecco (or soft drink alternative) for Barclays Premier customers
58° Expired
Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
Free Aqualta prosecco (or soft drink alternative) for Barclays Premier customers
Barclays Premier customers can recieve a free bottle of Aqualta prosecco from Majestic Wines when using the Rewards app or get a voucher via thePremier Rewards website.

It was only valid from Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd


Hey guys, what happened to this deal? Did it last for 1 day?


I knew there'd be a good reason to hang on to a Barclays account! (embarrassed)


Always get these when it appears on the app, cheers op, heat.

£20 off £60 spend e.g. 48 x 330ml bottles Pilsner Urquell & 12 x 330ml bottles Birra Moretti = £40 @ Majestic (free click and collect)
501° Expired
Posted 7th Nov 2019Posted 7th Nov 2019
£20 off £60 spend e.g. 48 x 330ml bottles Pilsner Urquell & 12 x 330ml bottles Birra Moretti = £40 @ Majestic (free click and collect)
Spotted a code CP756XHY3 which gives £20 off £60 spend on new accounts at Majestic online and seems to work on most items e.g. beers/spirits/wines etc. As an example you can get … Read more

This does still work I just recommended my daughter and she got 12 bottles with free delivery for £41.60 and I got a tenner of next delivery!! You getan email and so does the recommended person use the link and code.


Went in to pick up my selection, peroni was out of stock when I ordered so went Urquell, moretti and Asahi. As I collect the bloke points out a huge stack of peroni and asks why I didn't go for them!


I tried this by referring my wife but it says code is used.


Ooooh! Nice one. Thank you for that (highfive)


@guttediam peroni back in stock, the £20 code has expired but you can still get a £20 code using the above method, best to do it quick before they pull that as well

3 FREE Bottles of Wine @ Majestic wine FREE Collect in store
694° Expired
Posted 11th Sep 2019Posted 11th Sep 2019
3 FREE Bottles of Wine @ Majestic wine FREE Collect in store
Tried and tested. Picked up my freebies today. See below for full details 👇👇👇👇 1. Use the link and select your free wine then arrange to collect in… Read more
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Ha ha funnily enough, was looking today! I'll keep you posted


Wasn’t ur fault at all bud. Keep the deals coming, anymore 50p craft about ? I’m almost out 🥴 ;)


Hey sorry everyone had such a bad experience. I did try and test this before posting and can assure you I got my 3 free and cancelled before any payment was taken.


It’s worse than that, They cancel the 3 free wine yet keep you signed to the auto payment concierge service. Absolutely the most disgusting underhand borderline fraud behaviour I’ve witnessed from any company ever. At very minimum the 3 free bottles should be cancelled, apology offered, all future payments immediately cancelled and all customer details erased from their system. Please if anyone has been cancelled make sure you still sign into your account and cancel your subscription. Total scam. 100% not the posters fault as they managed to get theirs and show proof.


I had high hopes for this company until I went to collect the 3 free bottles of red from the CARDIFF BAY store today. The assistant initially could find no record of my order and seemed to have no idea what I was talking about (apparently oblivious to the stack of flyers on his counter advertising 3 Free Bottles) “FREE wine..from us? You’re sure?” He then found my order on the PC, said it had been cancelled + called head office to find out what had happened... Following this call, the assistant informed me I’d need to pay £99 BEFORE i could collect any free wine. So not exactly free then. Not free at all. I assume there was more to this explanation but mid-sentence he inexplicably broke off to ANSWER HIS PHONE !! The store btw was well staffed and my father + I were the only customers. This man offered no explanation or apology. No signal or whispered explanation was forthcoming and, as he clearly intended to continue this new conversation a foot away and still facing us, we turned and left the store...NEVER to return! NB: This was a grown man who had presumably received some level of training in customer service and, one would hope, basic life skills. Dealing with another enquiry, by phone or otherwise, while a customer in front of you is a definite no no in customer service. To do so mid-conversation beggars belief. Based on our dealings then, this offer seems to be a lure that Majestic would rather not deliver on, customers are clearly not valued AT ALL by this company and the customer service we experienced today was absolutely atrocious. It may have been worth wasting 10-15 minutes to find this out before starting an account with this company or parting with a single penny. We’ll stick to Naked Wines and would not recommend Majestic to anyone

Free Eurotunnel or P&O day/overnight return when you spend £250 @ majesticwinescalais.CO.UK
28° Expired
Posted 11th Jun 2019Posted 11th Jun 2019
Free Eurotunnel or P&O day/overnight return when you spend £250 @ majesticwinescalais.CO.UK
They also do a free P&O 72hr short break return but you have to spend £350. Order your wine/beer from majesticwinescalais.CO.UK and pay in UK STERLING So just to be clear you… Read more
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Looks good. I hope to visit there some day.


Thanks for the tip. I usually go here: - amazing selection of beer but a bit further east.


Sorry for the late reply. Pidou selection of Belgian beer is not good and not cheap. What you need to do is go to Vanuxeem (Rue d'Armentières 150, 7782 Comines-Warneton, Belgium). It is about the 90 min drive from Calais. It is the best place to go for your BELGIAN beers and glassware, they have Belgian chocolates too. If I plan a trip to Vanuxeem I will pay a visit to nearby Abbaye Sint Sixtus where they make the world famous Westvleteren beer and have a beautiful brassiere. If you want to reserve crates of beer from the monastery you need to fhone to make a reservation (good luck with that!)...


Didn't know about Pidou. What's their Belgian beer selection like? I usually drive over to the Belgium side of the Belgium/France border where there are Belgian beer warehouses with incredible choice.


I recommend doing the Pidou deal and not this Majestic wines deal. My original post for that got deleted by some clever dick for unknown reason was this: If you are off to France for a shopping trip you can travel for free if you do some of that shopping at PIDOU cash and carry. Choose either a free Eurotunnel day/over night return or a P&O day/over night return. Pidou sell bottles of wine from £1.25 and beer from 37p/500ml can, quality Belgian ales and collectible glassware and more. You can either pre order or give your details online and decide what you want when you get there: order at least 3 days before you wish to travel. Pidou have 3 stores; Dunkirk, Marck, Calais. You can pick up a loyalty card too which earns you 1 point for every 45€ you spend. The points are redeemed for a selection of items instore. (I got a nice La Trappe Trappist ale gift box with glassfor 16 points) Once you have done your online transaction complete with your desired travel times, Pidou then send you a booking confirmation usually within a couple of hours. You then just have to complete your passenger API on the Euro tunnel/P&O website and you are good to go. Majestic Wines Calais and Calais Wines Superstore have the same deal but which might be worth a look but I find Pidou’s prices more competitive. Majestic Calais offer a free 72hr P&O short break returnwhen you spend £350. Calais Wines Superstore does the 72hr P&O return but you have so spend £500 (Link)

FREE Wine 3 x Bottles @ Majestic Wine (free C&C)
429° Expired
Posted 8th Feb 2019Posted 8th Feb 2019
FREE Wine 3 x Bottles @ Majestic Wine (free C&C)
Use the link to claim 3 free bottles of wine. This means signing up to their subscription service but this is easy to cancel or postpone online. Pictures below.... Choose, Red, wh… Read more
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Worth mentioning to anyone still subscribed to this thread. I had my order cancelled but hadn't realised that they hadn't cancelled my subscription to the 'concierge' service. Fortunately I've just checked when I was clearing out my inbox and have now gone in and cancelled. They would have sent me a case in 'march'. Cheeky sods, if they cancelled my order I would expect that to cancel my recurring subscription. (mad)


Picked mine three bottles today and cancelled immediately (y)


Cancelled today..


I haven’t been charged anything, the store said the free bottle are due to arrive next month with the 12 bottles when my first purchase goes through. Nothing is coming before then


smithers6..... thats strange I picked my bottles up today from my local store (thats valentines present sorted !!!) whilst in there me and the missus also sampled various wines and gins (again free of charge -- more brownie points) As soon as I left the store I cancelled my account and don't seem to have been charged for anything {fingers crossed}......

Free wine worth £30.97 @ Majestic Wine
282° Expired
Posted 6th Feb 2019Posted 6th Feb 2019
Free wine worth £30.97 @ Majestic Wine
So I received a flyer offering 3 bottles of wine for free if you sign up for their subscription. It's free to click and collect. Use … Read more

Had 6 bottles delivered this morning - £9 delivered using the code on a mixed case of 6, and don’t seem to have been signed up for the concierge plan. Got my order in before the voucher code expired.


Picked up mine today thanks op !


I picked up 6 and have cancelled the membership no problem. I did also buy some Pilsner while I was there. Thanks op


Yep.... That's why the deals been expired for days....


tryme code expired

Majestic selected up to 50% off when buying 6 or more bottles selected wines or spirits
-61° Expired
Posted 2nd Jan 2019Posted 2nd Jan 2019
Majestic selected up to 50% off when buying 6 or more bottles selected wines or spirits
majestic have a sale on selected wines up to 50% off, some good wines included but have to buy 6.
Free Dartington Crystal Wine glasses at Majestic Wine when buying 12 bottles
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Posted 6th Dec 2018Posted 6th Dec 2018
Free Dartington Crystal Wine glasses at Majestic Wine when buying 12 bottles
I stocked up for Christmas at Majestic and they gave me free Dartington Crystal glasses. You get a box of two glasses if you buy 12 bottles or three boxes if you buy 24 bottles. Ap… Read more

So that's why it's not advertised. I don't have an account and I don't receive emails from Majestic but was given the glasses when I paid in store.


Majestic employee here :) Tunbridge Wells Branch Free Dartington Pair with 12 bottles or 3 Pairs with 24 bottles :) You need to have a majestic profile/ Account and produce an email with the offer :) Hope I helped


These are the glasses.


They are tall stemmed glasses.


Yes, please. You may have to ask them, there were no signs in store (Guildford) about this offer, I only found out when I paid and the shop assistant asked me if I wanted my free wine glasses. She then explained about the offer, but it doesn't seem to be advertised anywhere.

6 Veuve Clicquot NV Champagne Half Bottle £11.66 each with code @ Majestic wines
-55° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
6 Veuve Clicquot NV Champagne Half Bottle £11.66 each with code @ Majestic wines
Apologies if this counts as a duplicate deal, but thought it was worth posting separately! Note that this code doesn't work for deliveries to Scotland! :( If you buy 6 Veuve Cli… Read more

Code has expired :(


Just picked mine up! They asked about a voucher but I said I didn't have one. Fab deal...


It's called economies of scale, buy more save more, nothing to do with poverty gap.


It says the deal has expired when I tried on 6 full bottles rather than half ones.


Code expired now )o:

£50 off Majestic Wine with £100 spend e.g. 96 bottles of peroni + bottle of wine = £51.99 delivered
381° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
£50 off Majestic Wine with £100 spend e.g. 96 bottles of peroni + bottle of wine = £51.99 delivered
£50 off a £100 spend with Majestic Wine, free delivery available too! Legit code, absolutely fine to use. Just got 15 bottles of Ned Sauvignon for £3.60 a bottle! Use code at check… Read more

Well worth the wait - thanks again OP ?


Bet you would have gotten away with it if you had just ordered one


‘‘Twas the night before the delivery”. Unless they ask for a voucher...don’t get one and cancel my order 😳


Both my orders cancelled by the numpty at stourbridge demanding I present my ticket. Delivery driver refused to give me the order as I did not have it to present. I was accused of fraudulent activity?! First and last time I will hand money to that crowd...


Delivered today by Majestic Van which had been delivered to the local store via yodel No questions asked. Added bonus of the 3 free bottles. Cancelled concierge service now they have arrived.Sorry in advance if I offend someone tonight. Got to try them all....I think the comments saying you need the voucher were just to wind people up.

3 free bottles of wine (works in Scotland too) at Majestic
234° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
3 free bottles of wine (works in Scotland too) at Majestic
Ok so this is only available to new customers who are not part of the wine concierge service. Go to majestic wine, login and add one of the following three introductory mixed cas… Read more

Just picked mine up. I ordered mixed but got all red. Oh well can't complain


I didn’t receive a pick up email but have just had a refund email??


Did anyone who has collected have the cancellation email before?


Just collected the three free bottles, purchased a couple of bottles as well so as not to take the P!$$ (nerd)


just collected a box of free wine from my local store. cheers op

Black Friday Offers @Majestic Wine
24° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Black Friday Offers @Majestic Wine
Get 25% off wine

Not really offers at all as the prices are so high that the 25% only brings them back to reality. It's almost as cheap to have 12 bottle of cloudy bay delivered from Fortnum and Masons as Majestic are selling it with 25% off.

Free Oktoberfest beer tasting this Saturday from 2pm inc Chapel Down Curious Brew @ Majestic Wine
271° Expired
Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018
Free Oktoberfest beer tasting this Saturday from 2pm inc Chapel Down Curious Brew @ Majestic Wine
Just had an email from Majestic wine inviting me to a free Oktoberfest beer tasting this Saturday 29th from 2pm. Says no pressure to buy but there will be lots of beers to taste in… Read more

Christmas in shops from August, Easter in shops from January, so leaving Oktoberfest until September seems lazy.


Designated driver's required 8)


Just in before Stoptober lol

15 Bottles of Wine for £79.90 worth £157.85 @ Majestic Wines (free C&C or Home Delivery)
60° Expired
Posted 15th Aug 2018Posted 15th Aug 2018
15 Bottles of Wine for £79.90 worth £157.85 @ Majestic Wines (free C&C or Home Delivery)
Concierge Membership can be cancelled once it is used to get this deal with no fee! (See Below) Save 35% on a case of 12 wonderful wines PLUS 3 FREE bottles from our award win… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Tempted to order this and go into store and buy every cheap bottle of wine up so they have to substitute for all the expensive stuff, then I'll take my lorryload of cheap plonk back the next day. Too much effort for a good deal? (embarrassed)


Not sure tbh sorry as I just got the normal one, but all the wine in that one is good stuff anyway. And if you leave allow substitutes on the order they upgrade you to a similar alternative that is more expensive if they don’t have any of that one in stock! Can’t go wrong. 😁


Also membership can be cancelled once you have used it to get this introductory offer, as it can be cancelled at anytime with no fee! Or keep it active and skip the crates you don’t want, even if one arrives in December because you forget which is the next one after this just take it back into store for a full refund!


How do you get the premium case discounted


I’m more of a rose guy tbh, however great deal for those who like red and whites! Could be great idea with Christmas coming up

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