Major Stock Clear Out at BuyCosmetics Free Shipping on every order!  Upto 76% Off too!

Major Stock Clear Out at BuyCosmetics Free Shipping on every order! Upto 76% Off too!

Found 9th Jan 2007
Major Stock Clear Out at BuyCosmetics
Free Shipping on every order! Upto 76% Off too!

items from 99p


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Don't forget Quidco for 10% cashback

I was just having a browse through it - there's quite a bit there

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I would certainly say it's one of their better sales this time around


Thanks for this sindy, always found reliable and been happy with my purchases


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Some great deals on there. Thank you

Thanks for the pointer


I have used first time during Christmas and my experience is not very good.

The reasons behind this are mainly:

I have ordered
CK2639: Calvin Klein: Lip Colour (3.5g) Cajun Red 37
and I receive Revlon Pearl 413 Twinkled Pink

In my order there was ~Two Gift Sets ~ but I have received only one. That too is not worth 25.00 .When in my order there is two then how can some one cut one set when system shows two sets while taking the order.

This kind of behaviour is not expected from any company.

When I mailed few times [email protected] every time it bounced back with this message...

Delivery of email to this address

"[email protected]"

has been postponed due to a full mailbox.

after two three days...message will come

I give up trying to this email address...

Telephone number is 0871....which is again a costly number..



Thanks for the feedback indianjoy and Welcome to HotUKDeals ;-)

I've bought from these for my wife in the past and had no problem with them. The free gifts seemed to be about right for their worth as far as I know.

Maybe it's just the amount of people buying online for Christmas this year, caught out a few companies?

Hope you get some satisfaction from them though, if you are still not happy with their service

I ordered from these with that £3.95 offer (remember??) and was supposed to have 2 free gift sets I don't think I was even supposed to recieve one with

the small amount I spent (3.95!) so when i only recieved one i didn't complain, infact i was pleased with what i recieved, which was quite a lot ,

the cream eyeshadow's gorgeous and i use it all the time, I think if i'd of spent a killin then it would of been different but I think there service is excellent.:) But thats just my opinion !! ;-)

Thanks sindy by the way (how rude of me !)

:giggle:Hi, I have had 2 orders over Xmas and received 2 £25 free gift bags, and then bought more last week and got another £25 worth free ordering through various cash back sites, if you order now through [COLOR=Red]Pigsback[/COLOR] you get 5 points for every £ spent and a £25 gift pack if you spend over £18 The gifts are probably not woth £25 but they are free, my wife and daughter both think the stuff is OK so who am I to complain.
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