Posted 5 February 2023

Majority Bowfell Bluetooth Soundbar TV 50 Watt Stereo Sound Black (Refurb / Grade B / Very Good) - £15.99 Delivered @ XS Only

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About this deal

Refurbished Majority Bowfell Bluetooth Soundbar TV 50 Watt Stereo Sound Black

- Majority Bowfell Bluetooth Soundbar for TV and Computer
- 50-WATT with powerful stereo sound
- Multi-Connection


Majority Factory refurbished, Very good condition, some minor cosmetic marks or scratches. 12 month XSonly warranty.

- COMPATIBLE WITH TV, PHONE AND PC: Using the assortment of connectivity options, the Bowfell can be connected to your phone, computer and most TVs using Bluetooth, Optical input and RCA input. The Bowfell also comes with an easy-to-use remote control.

- MULTI-CONNECTION: The Bowfell boasts a wide range of connectivity including Bluetooth, Optical input, RCA and AUX port. The Bowfell comes with an RCA cable and 3.5mm AUX cable. Designed for the eager audiophile, you can select which mode you want to listen to: Music, Movies and Dialogue.

- COMPACT DESIGN: The Bowfell’s slim design is ideal for any desktop space especially student accommodation. Ideal for gaming with restricted space, the Bowfell delivers a powerful and clear sound. An ideal sound bar for TV, the Bowfell fills the room with your favourite movies and tv shows.

- BUILT-IN SUBWOOFER: Small but mighty, the Bowfell is equipped with a built-in subwoofer delivering outstanding cinematic sound.

- WARRANTY: Full technical support for every item, as well as including a comprehensive 12 month warranty

In the box:

- Majority Bowfell Soundbar
- Remote Control
- Power Adapter
- 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio cable
- 3.5mm to RCA Audio cable

Bowfell - Majority
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    • +Bluetooth, Optical, RCA and 3.5mm audio connectivity
    • +Very compact
    • +Easy to use

    • -No HDMI connectivity
    • -The sound is okay
    • -No display to see the modes
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    I have this and it's very impressive. Clear sound and strong bass.
  3. Avatar
    It says Built-in Sub, can someone please confirm (if own one) that this is actually a 2.1 sound bar? Reviews are decent but just wanted to confirm if I need to connect my sub. Many thanks for your help
    just opened mine (yes i was that kind of kid) for some strange reason I was never given any pets! anyway some pictures for all to see and the red rings show as they put it the BUILT-IN SUBWOOFER 49510297-huLLH.jpg49510297-DRf6r.jpg49510297-YD2aF.jpg
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    Mine arrived today and for £16 including DPD delivery is a complete bargain but…I bought this to wire to an echo flex to add to multi room and is perfect for that and as a Bluetooth speaker.
    Sound quality is ‘ok’ for that but as a tv sound bar I wouldn’t recommend as distorts at high volume which you have to put it on as only 50w. If you’ve had more expensive sound bars you wouldn’t be impressed but as £16 50w Bluetooth speaker it’s good
    Do you by chance have an energy monitor you could stick on it?
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    Mine arrived too today. Everything was sealed like brand new. No marks or anything to suggest this is refurbished. Sits neatly in my bedroom under 32 inch TV. Sound is ok. Looks very well built from high quality materials to a high standard.49506044-aidqG.jpg
    Yup maybe for a  bedroom/smallish tv it’s alright as a sound bar  
     I just meant probably not suitable for your main/living room one 
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    would this be alright if i bought it for my computer?
    I bought this for music in my home garage gym whilst the kids were young. Now they are older I've donated it to my boy for his video games. It was always OK for music but sounds much better on his games tbh imo.
  7. Avatar
    Does it have a very loud power on or bluetooth connected chime/speech?
    No, I hear nothing at all, just different colours for different functions that is dim and discreet and not a distraction.
  8. Avatar
    What voltage is the power supply?
    DC 12V 𝌂 1.5A
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    Im happy with my purchase. Bluetooth seems to be on sync when using with iPad. The play pause back next buttons work when connected via bluetooth. I've found the Flat profile to have the most bass (not much mind you)

    The only downsides are the speakers are off-centre so you need to place it to the right a bit more. Also the loud voice prompts when connecting to bluetooth but it's silent when you turn on and off without bluetooth so good if you're using the 3.5mm line in at night.

    Also it's good (for me) that there isn't an internal battery that is constantly being charged.
    Agreed regarding FLAT profile best for bass and overall sound experience.
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    We purchased one of these as we find some TV speech increasingly difficult to hear. It really does work. If the speech is really bad we find the "jazz" setting to give the clearest speech but the others are fine for most things and sound a little fuller. At the oment it is set up to use the headphone socket on the TV (which controls the volume with the volume on the sound bar set high) but I have ordered an optical cable to see if it makes any difference.

    This might be grade B but I would say that ours was new.
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    I found it to be really 'tinny' sounding, with zero bass....for what it's worth.
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    If the Majority Snowdon II (which I got from the same seller) is anything to go by, then this would also do as a great upgrade to the existing TV built-in speakers.

    Don't expect Atmos quality sound, and lower your expectations over higher priced ones, then you can safely say this will surprise you over your existing TV sound.
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    Is the best way to connect this to a Fire stick via Bluetooth or via aux through the TV somehow?
    Optical,from tv to soundbar
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    These are great, have a smaller one and reallt impressive sound
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    I'm considering this for permanent connection to an echo flex. That would require leaving it permanently powered on though.

    Could anybody with one please stick an energy monitor on it to see how the power consumption is when connected via the Bluetooth but playing nothing?
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    Since others have said this might be decent in a small room, I've gone ahead and purchased this for my office shed
    I'll report back once it arrives
    Reached your verdict yet?
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    Would this be okay under a 50 inch television to enable us to watch most TV shows without needing subtitles. At present we can have the telly volume ramped up to just about make out voices, but can't do that when kids in bed.

    If not, are there any decent options for sub-£40. Don't need anything world beating, just an upgrade on the crappy speakers in the telly.
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    Just incase anyone is using this with the firetv stick and wanted to control the volume through IR. The code is 5169.
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    Anyone who missed out on this deal - XS Only now have some other Majority soundbars in stock.

    For example - the Snowdon II (refurbished or new), or the K2 (with subwoofer and HDMI ARC).

    The code for free delivery still works. I went for the K2 - and for £37 delivered next day by DPD, it seems a good deal. It's meant to be Grade B refurbished, but the one I received (apart from the tatty packaging) looks brand new.