Make Calls On Your iPod!!! Amazon Exclusive.

Make Calls On Your iPod!!! Amazon Exclusive.

Found 19th Dec 2006
WOW! I just got my BluEye and is FANTASTIC!

You can make and take calls on your iPod, see who is calling on your iPod screen. It also adds FM radio and a remote to my iPod as well.

I cannot find this anywhere apart from Amazon so it must be an exclusive. It even looks like it is made by Apple! (aparently not though!) Buy one now. It has to be the best piece of kit I have ever bought for my iPod, there is nothing else like it...

Let me know what you all think

It also comes in white I've just found. Go to:…BW/
- brooke
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few more details:

Manufacturer's Description
Bluetooth hands free mobile connection with FM radio and remote control for any iPod

Ever missed a call because your iPod music was too loud? Fed up of fumbling around as you take out your iPod headphones and find your mobile phone? The BluEye" seamlessly connects with your mobile phone via Bluetooth to allow you to:

1) Take calls on your iPod
With BluEye connected, when you have an incoming call on your paired mobile, your iPod's tunes automatically stop and a ring-tone cuts in. The in-coming number appears on your iPod's screen and you can accept or reject the call using the BluEye's buttons. BluEye will pick up your voice via its inbuilt microphone and you hear the caller's voice through your headphones. so your mobile never needs to come out of your pocket. As an extra bonus, once the call is finished, your tunes will automatically cut back in!

2) Make calls on your iPod
If you've missed a call while listening to your iPod, simply use BluEye's buttons to scroll through your 9 most recently received calls and call them back with the touch of a button. Again, no need to go anywhere near your mobile! To make a call to any other number, simply dial the number from your mobile and the call will be transferred to BluEye so you can enjoy the call hands-free. (Subject to phone settings).

3) Listen to the radio on your iPod As well as connecting your mobile phone and iPod, BluEye also acts as an FM receiver, allowing you to listen to your favourite radio stations on your iPod. Auto-scan through strong frequencies, store up to 15 favourite stations and then scroll through your stored frequencies all via the BluEye's buttons

4) Control your iPod remotely Finally, if you want to use your iPod for its original purpose, as we all do from time to time, BluEye is a remote control with play/pause, volume control and track skip functionality. Couldn't be easier.
Wheres the deal here? Neither is it an amazon exclusive...
Manufacturer's website here
Can I ask what benefit this might have over a cheap mobile phone ?

Can I ask what benefit this might have over a cheap mobile phone ?

walking down the street with ipod on, phone rings and all you do is press the button on the fumbling through your pockets for your phone or taking out your earphones, seems to me to be the first decent thing i've seen to use bluetooth for.
although I do agree, it doesn't really belong on a deals website as it's not a good belongs on a gadget website cos it's pretty nifty!
Carphone warehouse have this item and it's only 39.99 does this class as a deal :-)
I have been wanting one of these for a ages, cant stand missing calls because Im listening to the ipod, but it is a bit rich for me :roll:
Why not buy a sony ericsson walkman phone that way you have music, phone calls and camera etc all in one????
Could Brooke be linked in anyway with Gear4 as nearly all of his posts are to do with the Brand 'Gear4' or the Amazon Marketplace seller 'Gear4'. Just a thought.
I want one, but can't justify that price tag.. shall have to wait for these to come down
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