Make Up Gallery Take A Brow Eye Brow Pencil Brown £1 - Poundland

Make Up Gallery Take A Brow Eye Brow Pencil Brown £1 - Poundland

Found 21st Jan 2018
Our Take A Brow Eye Brow Pencil is a soft, smooth blendable formula for filling and defining eyebrows, available in 3 natural colours
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Got this in blonde few months back and it’s amazing
I found the Makeup Gallery items very poor, I bought some on a whim when there were a few items 2 for £1 in my stores.

Commented about it on the MSE Poundland thread (which I contribute to pretty regularly), back in September…447

In this store they have a box of Makeup Gallery items "2 For £1" (maybe discontinuing the range in there? Seems to be still selling in city centre stores) - mostly solo eyeshadows but I got a Blue Liquid Eyeliner (optimistically hoping it would look quite dark) and a Brown Lip Liner.

I haven't bought any MUG (harhar) items at all so it was my chance to test, as well. The liquid eyeliner has a brush (a good thing - as I hate the plastic slithers on cheapie eyeliners) but wow, it goes on STREAKY. You have to wait for each coat to dry to try and fill in the gaps - it takes up extra time, and it's pretty annoying. Definitely wouldn't buy again, even at 50p.

The lipliner was quite "hard" and it took a few outlines around my lips to see anything. So, also a dud.

If those two are examples of what Makeup Gallery have to offer, I won't be buying - or, maybe I'm just really unlucky?

I tried the Eyeliner in the Argyle Street store, a few weeks later (turns out they also had many items "2 For £1"), and updated:

Edit 27th Sept: I fished out an MUG Eyeliner pencil from within the box, tested it on the back of my hand, again - same as the Lip Liner - too hard and not well-pigmented.
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I use the £1 Primark ones, also soft and in 3 shades (used to be ..) haven't bought new in ages !
The Collection palette (blonde or brunette!) is pretty good.. more like an eyeshadow and comes in 3 shades in each palette. Stays put all day easily.
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