MAKE YOUR OWN  'OPOLY' - £7.98 + postage @ Amazon

MAKE YOUR OWN 'OPOLY' - £7.98 + postage @ Amazon

Found 24th Aug 2007
I noticed that the 'make your own' version of Monopoly is £7.98 on Amazon at the moment. This gives you the chance to print out your own version of Monopoly according to your own design. You could have some fun here, using your own local streets and well known places. This is the cheapest that I have seen. Please type in 'Make Your Own Opoly' via link. This classic board game seems like a really good price on Amazon! Sorry, haven't got use to posting yet!

Remember that postage is free if your order is over
£15. Personally I have been stocking up on Amazon watches- they have 70% off Citizen watches at the moment! All the best!

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Heres the actual link. I think its a great deal, will make a great Xmas gift!!
Voted hot, Great find Leska!!

Good price, but with delivery it's £11.21. (Still good, but the OP should include full price including postage).

And please don't start on with the "but you can make your order up to £15" stuff - this deal is for ONE item at £7.98.

Brilliant, thanks! :thumbsup:

Now that's an

Hi LESKA, welcome to the forums. Please read my sig links for help on posting deals - I've added a direct link and image and a price and retailer name to the thread title

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Many thanks for the information and changing the links! I will read up on how to post in the future.....:thinking: Thanks! Leska:-D

Cheers :thumbsup:

Youve been stocking up on watch's?

How many do you go through then?

This is £7.98 @ Tesco direct too, if you can,get it delivered for free to nearest delivery store,if not you can always buy the £3.47 value sim with free delivery,both add to £11.45,but return the sim to nearest store for refund ( as i have done) and delivery is then free.:thumbsup:


Catalogue number: 100-1045

Order 2 for Xmas ... great idea. Thanks.

Great game! Got £10 off with my vouchers i got from a TV Survey!!

Got to say I'd never buy one of these again after doing one for my best frind's 40th! I'm very Desktop publishing competent but I found that the designing tools were very basic and it was impossible to get all the properties to have the same sized font. The only font available was Times New Roman or similar, and there were only 3 sheets of sticky paper so when I made a mistake putting them in the printer (it wasn't clear which side to put them in) and the printer then screwed up, I had to go and buy more A4 complete labels and considerable cost.

The time also taken designing, printing and cutting with a guillotine took in all around 20 hours and some of the labels didn't cover everything that they were supposed to cover so the original bits showed through.

As you can tell I'm disappointed in the product - doesn't stop it being a good find through, so heat added as your mileage may vary!
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